My Pregnancy Journal!
|   Jul 14, 2016
My Pregnancy Journal!

The woman who has no interest to cook-clean and didn’t know A about how is it like being responsible-the woman who had no aspiration in life and was only worried about herself and would say things like “I would never stay home with a baby, who does that?

”Things have changed drastically after I got pregnant, we were overjoyed when we got to know that there’s this tiny little angel inside me..people often say that its very difficult to manage all by ourself for 9months but that is so not true of course there were hiccups here and there but we sorted it out just the two of was difficult initially for the first trimester and I followed advice,read books.quit coffee.It teaches you to slow down-be quite, but never have I felt more grateful than being given a chance to bring a life onto this earth!

PREP MOM-From my experience i may not be eating for two yet,but its never too early to start eating well for the baby..folic acid is must(since it was advised from my mid-wife) which is found naturally in whole grains and green leafy vegetables..its also a good idea to start cutting back on junk food and high-fat foods and increase fruits and vegetables and from my experience i eat almost everything and keep in mind to keep track on my regular check up!

My first trimester was quite dull and i guess every mom-to-be experienced it but then again every individual experience different issues,with me it was nausea-vomiting-morning sickness-smell sensitivity etc etc..with time everything went well till my 8th month and yea i did managed to cook and make sure that breakfast-lunch was ready(Pat on my back;)never missed packing lunch for my husband even it was just salads or veggies)

BABY-MOON-It was quite difficult to mange time especially for my husband so we decided to go on a short trip and coincidently the day after we reached was valentine’s day followed with his birthday so it was well-spent!(this was our onlypic baby moon)

DIAPER BAG-I started shopping for my baby, bought almost everything before i completed 8th months since it was quite difficult to walk and roam about during these months and its very diaper was ready by the 7th month..(this was advised from my all the experienced mothers-mid-wife and yea it is a very good idea

Well this was my experienced and yea i wish i can write & share more i will be sharing my baby shower pics too!


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