Packed can be Healthy too
|   Jun 27, 2017
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Packed can be Healthy too

The lifestyle of millennials today is increasingly rushed and we are looking at nutrition solutions in the morning because that's the only time of the day we have control over. We as mothers often get worried about ensuring the health of our children and giving them nutritional food to strengthen their body in everyday life. Do you buy juices from the store? We all do, I’m sure! We always read and check before buying the kind that’s 100% juice and not made from concentrate. After all, that’s the healthier kind, right? The more natural kind? The kind without any additives?   While I was racking my brains off and trying to figure out and bring the best food with a little creativity on the table, it was this time of the year that I got introduced to Tropicana Essentials and I must say it’s lifesaver for a mother who’s always running and trying to feed and at the same time, convince the child. Tropicana Essentials, the company is offering juices that are a blend of fruits and vegetables fortified with important nutrients. Tropicana is an expert blend that is made from blending the right kind and quantity of delicious yet nutritious fruits & veggies. The juices are quite new in supermarkets and it’s a little different from the rest of the Tropicana products, the texture of the drink is slightly thick and it’s quite filling, more than a normal juice.

“You know WHO recommends that one should consume 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday while an average Indian consumes only two to three and a half.” Question is -are we really consuming enough?  

Well we don’t have to worry; Tropicana Essentials have made our life a lot easier. Like I mentioned these Tropicana Essentials are new in the market and you can find them at your nearest store. These two new flavours were introduced to us:

1. Tropicana Essentials fruits & veggies

2. Tropicana Essentials Iron  

Well, both these flavour taste differently. It’s not hard to distinguish the flavours, but it’s a nice drink and I like the fruits & veggies. Apt nutrition definitely boosts up your body and strengthens your body. Overall it’s a nice, naturally sweet and healthy juice.

The benefits of Tropicana fruits & veggies that were told to me enlightened me. A cup of this juice is equivalent to juice of one serve each of vegetables and fruits. It’s a rich source of Vitamin A and C. It makes up for 15% RDA. It helps overcome “feeling low” as deficiency of F&V may make a person feel low. It has No added sugar or color. The best part is that it can be given to kids. The juice is completely safe as it comes in a tetra pak which ensures freshness and safety. It is an easy & convenient way to get goodness of Fruits and veggies on the go. It gives the essential nutrients which may get missed in today’s rushed lifestyle.  

With that being said and also keeping in mind that even though these juices contains nutrients in it, these can help boost your body but can’t be replaced for any medical use or anybody who’s already on medication.

Thank you mycity4kids and Tropicana India for organising the event, it was informative yet fun, the conversation was spilled out from one of the best nutritionist doctors from the Capital and I’m glad I had this opportunity to meet all these wonderful people.


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