Preparing your body for breastfeeding
|   Mar 07, 2017
Preparing your body for breastfeeding

Did you prepare your body to breastfeed your newborn. I didn't. No one told me to. Everyone right from my maid to my neighbor to the stranger-I-met-in-shop told me to walk every day, to eat well, to sleep well, to practice my yoga, to take no stress but no one told me that I need to prepare my body for breastfeeding.

When my son was born he refused to latch for 18 days. I was sure that I wanted to breastfeed and so I started to pump and feed. And before every feed I would try to get him latched. Yes for 18 days my routine was to pump-trytogethimlatched-feedhimpumpedmilk-washandcleanpump-changediaper-pump-repeat. My doctor was very supportive, she had a lactation expert visit me, had a pediatrician checked my son for any physical abnormalities. Everything was fine except for my body wasn't ready for breastfeed which means my nipples were not extended outwards. But isn't it normal? Nipples come out gradually when baby starts latching. But my baby was too lazy and he wanted a ready nipple.

Lactation expert showed me how to prepare my nipple, a senior nurse came and showed me a few tricks using syringe. But it was too late. I should have started these exercises before I delivered. But I wasn't aware of this. I thought breastfeeding is a natural process and a new born baby would know how to latch. But as we become more and more civilized we lose our basic instincts. New born babies sometime need help in latching. And so I and my baby, both struggled for 18 days and finally he latched. And then there was no looking back, he was on breastfed till he turned 2 years. I even traveled abroad alone keeping him with his dad and grandmom for a week and as soon as I was back he started to feed again. And finally just a month before his second birthday, he weaned and there was no crying, no fighting. It was a mutual agreement.

So all you wannabe mommies please prepare your body for breastfeeding. This is a wonderful gift for your baby and he/she would benefit from this for rest of his/her life.

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