Maturity in toddler
|   Mar 03, 2017
Maturity in toddler

I am a mom of two kids ,one 5 year old girl and another a boy 3 year old . Life fully changed after these two came in my life .when my kids play with the neighbors or school friends I saw and feel the play they are playing, so innocent and pious full of energy ,shows anger sometimes ,sometimes full of love ,sometimes ready to share there favorite toy with friends ,sometimes not even want to give even to sibling so moody so dramatic ,every second is different with toddlers .

As a parent we also feel different every second ,we also try different strategies to deal with them.Try to get parenting tips from where ever will get as a result so much of awareness and so much of tips .Result is we will enforce all our knowledge and maturity to our small yet to grow kids .Are we parents making our kids mature before there right age due to too much of teaching from us and making them mature before there age .

Don't eat junk ,don't shout , be in behavior,share ur toys etc.with so many instructions are we making them too mature before it is needed ?what about the childhood?

So much worried with today's parenting style .parents have access to all media and from there they are learning thing to make there kid the smartest one in the crowd by dreaming that one day someone will come and ask hey who's kid is that ?he is very well behaved,but we are forgetting one thing that we arr killing Bacpan that will never come again .we are educating unnecessarily but yes as a mom I can understand the fear of not educating in the right age bcoz few habits we can inculcate only during childhood.So,what we can do ?

Yes one thing we can do is just ignore the few habits and seriously teach them what is very much important to teach ,this way we will able to manage both our idea of growing kids as well as the childishness of our kid .

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