The Making of "Momzilla"
|   Jan 16, 2017
The Making of "Momzilla"

After 15 hours of blood,sweat,tears and pain my gynecologist pulled out the crying,wrinkly human form out of me which was to become our world, our bundle of joy, our daughter Anaya. In hindsight everything that happened starting the night of my birthday till 1st of November 3:08 pm seems surreal, seems like a movie I might have gone to watch in the theater on my birthday night and accidentally imagined myself to be the protagonist.

I chose nature's way of giving birth than going under the knife not to collect accolades from friends and family (which I got anyway) but to push my limits of endurance, to see how far I can go. I mean you won't exactly find me jumping off some mountain tethered by a rope or falling off a plane 30,000 feet below but I was made aware of the benefits of natural birth. "You will heal faster", "You will start walking the next day like nothing has happened""Aishwarya Rai did it at 38, you can too!". Wow! I did get carried away by many more such statements coming from friends and family I later realized had not really done that themselves.

And then came the fifteen hours which will be etched in my mind forever as the most astounding (read scary !) moments of my 33 years on this planet. At the stroke of midnight, when I just had finished turning 34, I was strapped on to a fetal heart rate monitor to get readings of the lub-a-dub which was to be my birthday gift arriving a day later. Wait! Wasn't I supposed to be possibly finishing a grand birthday celebration with a nice glass of wine in my hand and here I was in a cold room, metal bed, nurses in their pink uniforms and glum looking duty doctors parading around me ready to stick me in with needles and what not. I clearly needed many glasses of wine but found myself happy enough with some epidural.

Every second millions of babies are born so childbirth is commonplace. But when they pull out the baby off you,you hear the first cry and then again when you lay eyes on this living being with curious eyes and small feet its nothing short of a miracle, my miracle named Anaya. That very second I knew I had to protect her and I remembered what my mom would say "you would know when you become a mom!". "Momzilla" is here to stay!

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