A thought of a working mom..
|   Jun 06, 2016
A thought of a working mom..

Hi everyone,

This is my first ever attempt to pen my thoughts.

I am a mum to a beautiful, naughty little angel.only recently I decided to restart my job. Until now I was a SAHM and was enjoying every bit of it. I am one of the few lucky ones to have my in-laws stay with me so that I can peacefully go to work without being worried how my baby would be treated by her nanny ,baby sitter or at daycare.

Even after said this I still am a worried mom and make it a point to be at home for lunch so that I can see my baby.

I try to manage and balance both work and home but still I feel guilty of not able to spend time with her and not to able to attend to all her needs.

It is really heartbreaking to leave my baby yelling and come to work. Se does this only for a moment or two and is alright after that playing around.

I really want her to grow as a very strong and self dependent girl. This was also one of the main reasons I joined back work. I want her to understand that being a woman not only means managing home and baby post marriage instead managing effectively both home and career. I want her to grow up and have her own identity.

I know that she will understand me and my message when she grows.

Luv u my baby..

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