6 month old - was it right decision???
|   Dec 01, 2015
6 month old - was it right decision???

It was planned with our consent, some had advised to drop the trip some others had said its fine with a little reluctance and there was also a league who had chosen to keep mum. But there we were the travel freaks selfish mom and dad who had packed their bags to Vaishno devi(Indian Pilgrimage) with our six month old and a good friend of ours who is an angel and lifelong uncle of my baby. It was not his first journey and as he had done pretty well in the first one I was pretty confident that we will have fun this time around. After all we are off to a holy shrine.

Month of April was being kissed by warmer days but still the nights had little bit of chill let in there. For a short trip we had packed two baggage of clothes for him as the hills were still witnessing occasion snowfall. Body warmers, electric kettles, umbrellas, general medicines, we had everything which was necessary and which was not to necessary.

We had done pretty well had saved him from chilly winter of the night at holy shrine and he was as active as he always is, all joyful we were to have accomplished the journey. It was time to back home when we had to face the worse night of our life. It was the night where your are in mid of somewhere and nobody was around to help you. We were in train back to Delhi and it was around 2 o'clock when he puked all the milk he had in his stomach. Even before we could react there was another bout of milk and he was down inactive and drained of energy. What could be the best we could have done, pulling chain was off no use we were mid of somewhere where there was nothing around, a doctor was searched over the train....not even a single doctor was traveling, I was wailing his dad and uncle was running all over the train for help. It was advised for us to get off at next station which was yet 2 and half hours away. Nothing best we could do at that time we planned to get off at next station.

Calls were made to hospital but they were not ready to advise least they see the baby. It was when I had to believe mother's instinct I fed him and waited relentlessly for his burp. Whole night we three sat there taking turns by keeping him sleeping on our shoulders. No we didn't get off at next station as there was no bout since last 2 hours and he was fine sleeping calmly.

Those few hours left all three of us drained of all the fun we had during the trip, our achievement had soon turned to be the worse nightmare we could ever had. All the credits of trip will go to our good friend who supported us in the best and more over in the worse.

Sometimes I still think : Should we had organized the trip? Acha na hota ki hum thoda ruk jate? But time never comes back, we have lived it survived it and it was best. God's grace ya kuch bhi keh lo :)

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