Baby Christmas is arriving - Orange battery operated car this time :)
|   Dec 09, 2015
Baby Christmas is arriving - Orange battery operated car this time :)

Oh my cute little three year old question bank, I run short of words when you ask me such tricky questions for which you are too tiny to understand and grasp :) .

We both were singing Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle all the way.......... and suddenly it struck me and I said - Baby Christmas is arriving and he backed me with a question. Mumma what is Christmas?

Now while I was thinking of how to make him understand he was giving me the puzzled look as if how come I don't have the answer to such a simple question.

Meanwhile he jolted me once again - Mummy btao na...kya hota hai Christmas.

Me - Beta Christmas par hum X for Xmas tree lgate hain ghar par.  (Baby we get X for Xmas tree home).

He - X for Xmas tree? wo jo meri book mein hai? (The one which is in my book?)

Me - Yes baby.

He - Aur? Aur kya krte hain? (What else we do mom?)

Me - Santa Claus comes and gives gifts to small babies like you?

He - Mumma Santa Claus kya hota hai? (What is Santa Claus)

Me - Now I had to show him the picture of Santa Claus, see he is Santa Claus.

He - Looking amazingly at Santa Claus he said Santa Claus aap mere liye orange car le ana, remote wali, batteries bhi lana. (Please get orange remote car for me with batteries).

mumma maine bol diya Santa ko. (mom I have told him)

Me - Yes baby he will get it.

Ofcourse he will not remain a kid forever, these questions may or may not reach me next year.

But I so very wish that his secret wish list keep reaching his "Secret Santa" year over year so that she can fulfill them all.

I have already ordered a orange remote operated car for him, Santa's promise, have to keep it!!!!!!!!!

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