Don't die yet !
|   Apr 03, 2016
Don't die yet !

Yesterday a 24 year old TV actress allegedly committed suicide and suddenly the words 'depression', loneliness, hurt, anger were floating in front of our eyes again. We never know what someone is going through until something as drastic as this happens. But why do we as individuals give up on ourselves? Why do we become so frustrated with our lives that we decide to throw in our hats and walk away?

Depression is a very scary word. No one knows how and why it could strike. But it does. Our modern lifestyle has given us million advantages but has cut us away from each other. When people could sit and talk together, share their problems, ask for advice, life was much more simpler. But now that we have shed our shared identities and embraced individual identities, life has become pretty different and difficult. People don't talk anymore. They don't share their lives with each other. In the words of Hollywood star, Robin Williams, who succumbed to depression and committed suicide, 'It is wrong to be with people who make you feel alone'. Yes, being in a wrong relationship is one of the definite reasons to be depressed. But do you give in?

There are issues in everyone's lives and trust me no one's had it easy. Some people have alcoholic parent(s). Some don't get opportunities for good education. Some couples don't have children. Some children don't look after their parents. Some are in one sided relationships. Someone's spouse is cheating on him/her. There are million other reasons to be unhappy. Million others to be sad. But there are million reasons to be happy too.

Before you give up on life think of why should you do it? Is the situation or person because of which you are doing it, worth it? Would it create any difference in the life of that person or would the situation improve? Case in point Is actress Jiah Khan who was in an affair with Sooraj Pancholi. She allegedly committed suicide and left a letter saying her boyfriend was responsible for her death. But look at the situation today. She is gone. Her family devastated, broken. But her boyfriend is essaying macho roles in movies. So, was her decision worth it. We get so much involved in one relationship that all others take a backseat. Especially, we take the love of our parents for granted and neglect it . But in a moment of selfishness, thinking only of our own pain, we let them die a thousand deaths.

Yes, its true that sometimes the situations are so extreme that killing oneself seems like the only solution. But what if you decide to live instead of dying. They say 'What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger'. There are people who have been in extremely horrible situations and still chosen life over the urge to die. Are they any different from us? No. They are just mentally much more stronger and well balanced. They know that one bad incident or situation doesn't define them at all. Instead they take it as a lesson. So how do we cope with depression really?

  • Talk to our family and close friends about the situation we are going through
  • Talk to a registered medical professional
  • Start leading a healthier lifestyle
  • Eat balanced diet, depression eating leads to obesity and various lifestyle dieseases
  • Be in the present instead of always worrying about the future

  • Have conversations with people, when people talk listen to them
  • Try to limit the number of gadgets you use on a daily basis
  • Most importantly think of your life as your own, not dependent on any situation or person

Thus, when you start believing in the fact that your life is your own and you take ownership for whatever you do, you will see how things will change. Am not saying it will change immediately or drastically but it will definitely help you to see things in better perspective and perhaps then you will notice that your life is not over because of one person or incident. In fact it is just beginning with a better perspective and for a better outcome.

Everyone has issues which make them wonder 'will I survive this one?'  But have faith, because everyone does survive. That is how life works. I read somewhere that when god throws you off a cliff, he will either catch you or he will teach you to how to fly ! 

Have Faith. Take a deep breath. You will survive this. You are meant to. Stay buddy, Don't die today !

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