And I was born....
|   Jun 29, 2016
And I was born....

Ahhh....what a sleep last night. I think she must have done something different yesterday. I quite like her. She gives me really nice stuff to eat. I don't know the names yet but I kinda enjoy the tastes. 

Wait..what's going on...why I am shaking..I just got out..where are you taking me...come on let me sleep..leave me alone....All my protests went in vain. I was pushed, pulled, moved and what not. Finally I was felt like I was thrown out of my house. And that's not all, someone just held me  by my legs and turned me upside down and spanked me really hard on my bum. ouch!!! It hurts man. I generally am very sorted but couldn't help crying. And imagine everybody were so happy to see me cry. Such heartless people. I wouldn't mind if this ordeal had stopped then and there. But no..this was just the beginning. I was suddenly in some liquid. I thought wow now some swimming time but no someone was holding me very tightly. So much talks on freedom..huh!!! 

I thought now that I am clean, I would be put back into my home. But wait..they were closing the door of my home. I cried and tried to draw attention of my landlord. But she seemed drowsy. She must have been sedated. I tell you these people are so cruel. I shouted, shrieked but nobody listened. Instead they were all playing guessing game with her as to my gender. Suddenly a man came rushing through the door. He was looking so funny in a gown and white cap. He seemed anxious. I was shown to him and he had a huge grin on his face. Was he laughing at I that funny. Wait I will have my chance too. Then I was brought closer to my landlord and put on her chest. She cried but I don't know why, though I felt really good lying there. Then she looked at him and said it's a girl. Were they happy?? Must be I saw smiles on their face. I was happy too. 

  But my happiness was short lived. I was wrapped tightly and taken away to a strange room. It had large windows and a strange smell. And then I saw so many young fellas like me were sleeping in cases. I didn't want to be there, I wanted to go back to where I belong. I cried as they tried to put me in one of those cases. How horrible these people are. I will revolt and I am sure, others lying there peacefully will support me. But before I could continue my revolution, I dozed off. I was damn tired.

It's been four days now lying in this big room. That lady comes here often and try to put her boobs on to me. Initially I was not ready but then she said it's my food. So I couldn't resist any more. Now I like to lie in her lap and drink. And whenever I cry she is at my service. I am quite enjoying this power you see.

Today it's my last day here. I don't know where they will take me. But I trust her.  I won't mind going with her as long as she fulfills my wishes. That funny man from the OT has reappeared. He did come in between but I hadn't had a chance to talk to him. He is now helping her to wrap me again. They are making strange faces at me, talking gibberish. I want to shout and say c'mon make it fast, I don't have the entire day to get dressed. Let's just go out of here. I think they saw it in my face and quickened their pace and within 10 mins I was in this swanky vehicle going towards some unknown place. I would have enjoyed more if I was not so tightly wrapped. When will these people understand I am not a baby anymore!!!.

Within few more minutes we reached our destination. The lady kissed on my cheek( did I tell you I don't like such things) and said welcome home honey. Now who is honey and whose home. I didn't understand what she was talking, again that gibberish you see. But understood this much that this is where I will be staying from now onwards. This will be the place where I will rule. The man and the lady will be my commander in chief,  whose main aim will be to keep me happy. I had this huge smirk on my face and said to them, welcome to hell honey.

It's been quite some time now. And I have made their life quite miserable. I can be mischievous at times. I don't let them sleep or eat that easily. I don't let them leave my side. I cry my lungs out just to draw their attention. But to tell you the truth, I love them also. I am just being a bit naughty and sooner will tell them that. And will also tell then, thank you. Thank you for giving me this place, thank you for my place in their world, thank you for being there always....Thank you mumma, thank you papa....

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