Motherhood....not always a rosy picture
|   May 16, 2016
Motherhood....not always a rosy picture

I know many of you will object to the title..but then it's just a new mother trying to fit into the world of expectations. I was always wanted to be a mother and when I conceived, I just wanted the baby to come out as early as possible. But now that she is out and sleeps beside me, I know the job is rather difficult. 

Getting up at erratic hours, trying to feed her, tending to her needs, trying to pacify her tears...all these are part of the job. But then it doesn't end here....there are so many people with so many suggestions that I find myself at a loss. Nobody tells me what I am doing right but are always ready to point out the faults. I am expected to be a supermom from day one. But how can that be? This is a new experience, am I not supposed to learn in the process? I am just a woman who has had this huge transformation, let me get into the skin of it. I know I can do many things but then give me the chance to do it. All this makes motherhood really stressful at times.And if I underperform any time does that make me a bad mother? I don't know the answer yet.

And being a working woman it becomes all the more difficult to stay at home and be a watchdog for your child. I miss my desk, my job and yes my office. I don't regret being a mom but then again how can I deny that I want more from my life. Motherhood is beautiful but it's not my only identity. No doubt, I love my little bundle of joy but I need my freedom too. I am a mother, will always be one but I can't forget the woman in me. 

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