QUID EST IN NOMINE - whats in a name
|   May 12, 2016
QUID EST IN NOMINE - whats in a name


Why does Goddess Durga did not have a surname or name change post marriage ?

“What’s in a name they say”  if you name the rose by any other name it shall still smell the same.

However, this is not practically possible. When you talk about an individual name you talk about your identity, everyone recognizes himself or herself by a name.

Then why in this patriarchal society a women’s surname is changed post marriage, will she stop being a wife, mother etc if her name is not changed? More so in many Indian communities, the first names are changed. For maximum part of your life if you are called as “Geeta” and suddenly one fine day it changes to “Namita” to rhyme with your husband or some astrological or traditional issues.

Legally there is no such provision which compels a women to change her name post marriage. Every women has a fundamental right as per constitution to continue with her maiden name.

Women whose husbands do not force them to change names post marriage are super lucky ones.

Moreover, if a women chooses to change her name, many procedures are to be followed and involves a lot of paper work like:-

1.       The first and foremost step that is required is to obtain a marriage certificate. Rules and formalities differ from state to state in India and you need to follow the same. The certificate would be obtained within the time frame as per each state law.

2.       Once the marriage certificate is obtained, then you need to apply for a name change at the office of the State Government Gazette. They would include your name change and make it official through announcements through local newspapers. A copy of this advertisement could serve as a legal document for a name change.

3.       Alternatively, if you do not wish to follow this process, a Joint notarized affidavit from a public notary would suffice the purpose.

4.       Once this is done, then with these documents you need to make the necessary changes in  all your legal documents and your other documents which include PAN Card, Bank Documents, Passport, Driving license, Loans, Insurance etc.

5.       Also make necessary information’s at the Local municipality authority, residential society, children’s school and other places that needs to be updated.

The above process is time consuming. According to me there are more disadvantages in getting a name change then any advantages. Especially for couples with intercaste marriages.

The only disadvantage is when you go out on a vacation (especially in India), people see you with suspicion are they really husband and wife !!!

The other question that a couple would face is which name the Kid should have. The Kid should own its real identity by having names from both his parents. For eg: If the Mother is a Punjabi “Singh” and father a south Indian “Nair” why can’t the kid carry both the surnames Singh-Nair ?

As women when we talk about equality today, why are we just following the mob, sacrificing our identities?

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