Card making: A rewarding experience for children.....and adults
|   Jul 20, 2017
Card making: A rewarding experience for children.....and adults

A few months back, my daughter excitedly showed me a card that she had made for her father.

 It was a simple card made of chart paper, having a picture of the sun on the top and it read:

"Dear Papa, you are my sunshine. I love you."

A cute little card with a sweet message to win the heart of her Papa. 🙂

The card brought in the nostalgia of my childhood. I am of an era when greeting cards were a big hit. There were cards for almost all occasions. I still remember the adorable 'Archies cards' that added an extra zing to all the celebrations. 

And does anyone remember New year? Oh! it was a perfect time to indulge in greeting cards. At my home, it was a kind of ritual to send and receive cards from family and friends every year.

With the arrival of the electronic era, greeting cards lost their significance. People found it easier to send a message or an email. However, I still feel that the joy of receiving an e-card cannot really match with the ecstacy of receiving a real greeting card. 

So, when my daughter came up with this handmade card, I got excited all over again. How could I even forget the pleasure of making cards! 

This was the time, I encouraged my daughter to express her feelings through cards. Being a craft enthusiast, she immediately loved the idea. Since then, it has become a norm for her to make cards for friends and family. Sometimes, I help her in looking for designs and apt messages. It's indeed a lot of fun. 

The delight with which she presents her card is heartwarming. Card making has actually helped her amazingly.

  • She now utilises some of her free time in doing something creative.
  • Thinking about the idea, design and message for the cards makes her more imaginative.
  • She learns gratification. Card making is an interesting way of thanking people for being there for us.
  • It also brings in the joy of giving and the satisfaction of creating something. 
  • She learns that there is nothing more blissful than bringing a smile on someone's face.
  • If I help her in making cards, I get to  spend some quality time with her.
  • I am sure, card making will  also help her to realize that our real happiness lies in the smallest of good deeds and the kindest of words.
Before we started card making, I had no idea that it could so satiating. Now that we have indulged in it and found it enjoyable, we plan to keep this ritual alive and continue to remind our near and dear ones about how special they are and how blessed we feel to have them. Someone has rightly said:

"Nothing expresses feelings better than a piece of folded paper."

( Dear readers, if you too have encouraged your children to develop some interesting hobbies, I would love to know about them.) 

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