Use that baby ticket..
|   Sep 17, 2015
Use that baby ticket..

Use that baby ticket.. 

Hey there mommy! Now I’m not suggesting felony of any level, just helping you bounce out of any unwanted situations. I for one, really love the little time I get alone and have developed 0 tolerance to doing things I don’t want to. Here’s how my little cookie is my one way ticket out of certain scenarios :

1)      Lengthy phone conversations about boring happenings in your friend’s best friend’s sister’s life. Now I totally love girly gossip sessions, but I just don’t have energy to discuss someone I have never met for the 23 minutes I have before the baby wakes up. I’d rather watch an episode of Modern Family instead. I mean they have Gloria.

2)      Extended bar hopping – you know how you reach this stage, where you just can’t be bothered to wear high heels, shave, put on layers of makeup and go bar hopping?Well, Hopefully some of you resonate with this. I am very happy to do dinner and drinks scene, or movie night on a Friday, especially since I’m still feeding. So again, the baby card works really well on most days.

3)      Functions – if you’re an Indian, you will totally get what I’m saying. We have 15 weddings from December to February and about five functions each. See it’s a lot for a normal person, but for a new mommy who’s feeding; it’s actually something I dread. So, umm let’s just order some yum thai, get those sweats and watch Pretty woman for the 100th time instead. You choose.

4)      Getting bumped to the front of EVERY line, EVERY where – Now babies can make life difficult on certain days, but when you’re in a line, a baby is the best que jump you’ll have! Airport, security clearance lines, checkout counters at the grocery store, waiting list at popular restaurants (the ones that allow babies anyway). So use this one as much as you can while they’re still babies!

5)      Keeping your house spotless, and hosting well – Remember when guests coming over meant lilies, candles, macarons, and a 3 course dinner atleast? Well, I have good news. People won’t even expect homemade food! So as long as you order from a great place, and use your nice dinner sets, people won’t notice the spit up stained sofas! (or they’ll pretend to not notice, either way!).

Let me know what your baby does for you?

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