15 reasons - Why you should enroll your child in brain development program.
|   Feb 13, 2017
15 reasons - Why you should enroll your child in brain development program.

Abacus essentially teaches the children to become skilled in rapid mental mathematics with the help of the Abacus beads where the children use the single hand to manipulate beads initially. This is done through memorising a visual through the Abacus.

Aloha Mental Arithmetic course provides ABACUS training that helps to memorise abacus. This concept of thinking in picture enables children to achieve a high level of speed, efficiency, accuracy, concentration and increase in memory power. Through constant practice of ABACUS tool, it helps kids to improve concentration skills for a more focused learning. In addition to that ALOHA has special mental math course that helps in brain development of your kid.

  1. Abacus Classes helps in improvement of the human brains using ABACUS for calculation and learning skills.
  2. Studies have found that Pictorial Representation plays a vital role in learning. Hence, learn and train using ABACUS.
  3. “Like any other organ of human body, our brain also needs regular exercise to keep it fit and sharp”.
  4. Most of a human’s brain is developed during the initial 5 years.
  5. Later for more improvement and development some specific training and skill learning are required.
  6. Abacus Training Improves:
  • Concentration
  • Visualization
  • Memory
  • Observation
  • Ability to process information.Abacus classes result in higher academic performance not only in arithmetic but also in all subjects because of the concentration. Abacus training increases concentration.
  1. Abacus training gives the ability to solve the arithmetical problem once looking at a problem and working it out mentally. On solving arithmetical problem mentally, children become proud of his capacity, grow their confidence, dare to challenge with others, by pushing the limit to become an all-rounder and be successful in all areas.
  2. In this competitive era, every kid needs a proper direction to dig out their hidden potential to be the best. Every parent hopes that their children should be the best among others. In support with your view, abacus training is one of the best training to make your child brainy, skillful and talented. This training gives the confidence to face competition exams. Even the slow learners have shown tremendous improvement.
  3. Learning to use the abacus can help develop this right brain/left brain integration.
  4. This results in quick, balanced whole brain development, leading to greater mental capacity. Using the abacus, a child can do all arithmetic calculations up to 10 digits without relying on an electronic calculator.

To read more about ABACUS visit http://www.alohagujarat.com/blog/benefits-of-abacus-training

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