No co-sleeping pls..Culture decides the love.
|   Apr 18, 2017
No co-sleeping pls..Culture decides the love.

What a relaxed evening...No household chores ,kids enjoying on their own with friends...Younger one in a sweet lazy nap... Enjoying my tea with wonderful handmade snacks reading new posts on FB... Came through one article that says western culture doesn't approve co-sleeping.. Co-sleeping that allows parents to have a cosy sleep with their kids.. Strange , in India no-one would have thought of such a term ...No-one would have heard about it in our lifetime..we Indians take kids sleeping responsiblity in one room till one grows up to a age of 12-16(depending) But culture differs and so  our thinking,living style ...

But culture doesn't make difference for the  bond  that parent and child shares. this topic reminds me of an incident where kids were separated from their parents bcoz parents use to feed kids with hands instead of using spoon and/or fork.. 

Loving Nd caring someone with rules...That's beyond my understanding...Love has no language no particular action prescribed... 

Sometimes i just hug my kid, sometime its expressed with a kiss sometimes it's just with saying i love you.. How can someone provide me with a prescription saying 2spoons love morning ,1 in afternoon..Nd then go with 1/2 lately following..

My kid and my bond will be expressed Nd defined by my rules..Human beings have brain ...We all behave differently in a given same situation..Learning emotions Nd expression should be at liberty Nd not forced on..


Definition-not just sharing your bed,it also includes installing a crib at your bedside

duration-till what age the child should be accompanied is surely parents decision..

Spoiled/dependent - it's a myth..Kids are grown up fearless,more independent..They are armed around us and respond more to the noises of surroundings.

Kill romance between partners- it could never be the only reason..Arrange Nd manage right sleeping times for kids ..Don't play blame game for things not working ..

"Parents have the right to decide what is right for them, what's safe for them, what works best for them and baby, and what is the best practice they will follow."

It's always intuition of the parents that works and no culture has nothing to do with it.

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