What's in my DIAPER BAG ?
|   Aug 10, 2015
What's in my DIAPER BAG ?

Hello momma’s....this one is for the mom’s who are now waking up to realise that there is life beyond your new born. And a Big Big FIRST STEP is going out of the home and breaking the shackles of being home bound.

Knock....Knock....Life isn’t the same anymore so going out of the house with your lil bunch of love means carrying some stuff......So today I will pen down a list of Must Have's for your Diaper Bag.

   25 MUST HAVE's in your DIAPER BAG

1. DIAPER's : Maintain at least 3 diaper's in the bag at all times.

2. PLASTIC BAGS: At times you don't have a waste bin handy so it's easier to wrap the soiled diapers & dispose off later on. It is also helpful when  there are wet/dirty clothes & you don't want to mess them with your fresh clothes/food, etc.

3. CHANGING MAT / MACINTOSH: This is very important while changing your child’s diaper/clothes etc.  I personally never ever make Nevan sit on  the changing station without spreading it under him; after all there would have been so many babies who would have visited the place before him  so I just can’t expose him to all those germs.

4. DIAPER RASH CREME: To use post every diaper change in case your child is prone to rashes.

5. BABY CREME / BABY POWDER: Creme is very important in Winter to avoid dryness & Powder is very important in summer to avoid sweat to harm     the little one in their creases down below.

6. WET WIPES: An all time essential for anything & everything for the child as well as mom!!!

7. TISSUE PAPER: Sometimes dry tissues also come handy

8. HAND SANITIZER: Another all time essential for one & all. Prefer using alcohol free sanitizer’s for babies

9. BUG SPRAY/ MOSQUITO PATCH: Specially for the spring and rainy season, no one like’s their babies in red spots!

10. BIB's & BURP CLOTH: Feeding process is a messy one, so bibs are required to avoid changing of clothes getting into the picture & Burp Cloth is for the really lil ones post their every feed to avoid a spill back on your own clothes.

11. BABY HAND TOWEL's: Soft cotton hand towels come in helpful for the drools & spills all around

12. TEETHER/ TOY/BOOK: You travel without a teether/toy/book for once and you will realize this is most essential to keep the baby away and distracted from being bored, touching, pulling & eating everything he can get his hands on.

13. MILK POWDER in DISPENSER: For preparing a bottle feed on the go

14. TWO BOTTLES: Cleaned & Sterlized with Bottle Covers: Even if I know I am going to use only one bottle, I still keep two for just in case one gets dirty or falls on the floor I have a back up.

15. WATER SIPPER: For all 6 m+

16. BOILED WATER in a FLASK: Hot water is required right from preparing milk to further on preparing a meal (ready to eat), so the flask ensures that it stays warm & you have a supply for home-boiled water

17. BABY FOOD/SNACKS: Ready to eat food, again for all the babies who have started with semi-solid's & snacks for the bigger ones to keep them occupied as well as their tummy filled.

18. TRAVEL BOWL + SPOON: For the feeds

19. TWO EXTRA SET of CLOTHES: I carry one set of formal clothes and one of night wear, spl if we are going out and know will be back late night. So post his night feed I change him and put him in his nightwear so that the whole sleeping & waking cycle doesn't re-occur when we are back home.

20. SOCKS + FOOTWEAR: Important on the go, esp if the baby has started to walk

21. CAP: Summer / Winter Cap according to the season

22. COTTON SHEET/ BLANKET: Again to comfort the baby while he is asleep: a cotton sheet or a blanket according to the season. I carry a cotton sheet in peak summer's too as my lo's mostly in shorts and at times the air conditioning cannot be altered likewise.

23. FIRST AID KIT : Just the basics - I carry a band aid & crocin drops

24. A FEEDING CLOAK/ DUPATTA / SCARF: For public feeding

25. Your PERSONAL STUFF to avoid carrying two bags: At times it's cumbersome to carry the baby, diaper bag & then your own handbag. So a lot of times I misuse his diaper bag by keeping a lip gloss, keys & mobile in it.

I am keen to know in case I have skipped on any other things that you carry in your Diaper Bag......

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