Biased breastfeeding- Common give me a break!!!
|   Mar 16, 2017
Biased breastfeeding- Common give me a break!!!

Mother Nature has programmed our body to produre different milk as per the gender of the baby. Thats a finding of medical science.

Sometime ago I got to talk to a relative who lived in my husband's native place. She was saying you are lucky you have a girl you can stop breastfeeding once she is 1 year old. I was surprised to hear that but didnt understand the hidden meaning. Then she explained it to me. At her place Moms are compelled to stop breastfeeding a girl child in 1 year and if it is a boy you have to continue to breastfeed for atleast 2 and half years. Poor thing she didnt have enough milk and reduced feeding to her 6 months old boy. She was compelled and advised to take things that can increase milk flow so that she can feed the baby. My hubby gave me a tough look saying if u follow any of these and stop breastfeeding I will divorce you. He wants best for the baby.

My other relative is working and resumed office after 5 months of delivery. It was obvious that milk flow would be reduced and she stopped feeding but she had a boy. My mother-in-law would compare me to her saying that she stopped feeding A BOY BABY in six months and you are feeding YOUR GIRL still (She is 18 months I still feed her regularly). Stop it as early as possible.

Me and my MIL are little close than usual so I took the freedom to ask her why should I stop feeding my baby only because she is a girl? She told me that there is a belief in their native that if you breastfeed your baby girl for more than 1 year then she might attend puberty early than other kids of her age.

I thought to google it if any of these beliefs are true and I read that Breast fed children are not likely to hit early puberty. I thought to share it with my mother in law but convincing her is not an easy task moreover its my baby I will feed her till I have milk flow and I have my strong pillar to support me (My Hubby).

Moms just dont blindly follow the advises of elders they might be wrong too. You have many sources for getting information. If not satisfied consult your doctor about your doubts.

Girls are already facing lots of inequality from the society but only a mom can protect her. Dont start the inequality right from the very first need of an infant. Irrespective of the gender feed your baby.

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