Haldi-Doodh: The Energon for humans!
|   Aug 21, 2015
Haldi-Doodh: The Energon for humans!

Parenting is essentially making new discoveries every day!

When AD was younger, I was re-introduced to Mickey-Mouse, Chip 'n' Dale and Donald Duck.This was followed by the adorable helpful bear - Special Agent Oso and the versatile Handy Manny. And then there were of course, SpidermanSupermanBatman and all their adventures. More recently though, AD has taken a fancy to Transformers! And needless to say, all our ‘pretend-play’ and all our made-up stories and songs feature these amazing creatures now…  

For the uninitiated, (like I was when I was first introduced to them), Transformers are a species of living robotic beings, mostly originating from the distant machine world of Cybertron. They can "transform" to change their bodies at will, rearranging their component parts into an alternate form; generally vehicles, weapons, machinery, or animals. And their preferred fuel/energy source is known as the Energon. This is also the basic building block of all Transformers' bodies.

It came as no surprise therefore, that when AD caught a terrible cold a few weeks back, he asked me for ‘Energon’ that would heal him instantly and get him on his feet quickly!

Now, the first thing that came to my mind, when I thought of this Energon, was the age-old remedy of haldi-doodh (turmeric-milk) that my mom and her mom before her swore by. The Golden Turmeric-Milk; that has, as a child, nursed me back to health from the worst of colds and flu symptoms!

So I made this piping hot concoction (with ginger for added benefit); and gave it to AD twice a day for two days. I told him this was his ‘Energon’; and that it will work on him the same way as the Energon that gives power to his favourite Optimus Prime. And that was it. I was able to get him to go to school on day three! Just like that!

So what does this magic potion, this sure-fire remedy on a myriad of symptoms, contain primarily?

The humble doodh and haldi, yes, just milk and turmeric!

While the scientists of the West spend days in the laboratory searching for the elixir of life, armed with all their sophisticated equipment and data; our grandmothers, armed only with a mortar and pestle, had long since found a medicine that could not only nurse back to health the worst of the sick, but also helped prevent some of the most serious illnesses from occurring. They were also aware that this magic potion helped build immunity in growing children and worked as a general body detox for adults and children alike.   

We all know that milk has been known for generations in our country as ‘poorna annam i.e. the complete food.’ It is believed that taking a couple of glasses of milk a day can help us in obtaining the necessary nutritional value that is required by the body. Specifically calcium, which helps in building bone and teeth health; and vitamin D, which cannot be otherwise naturally processed by the body, except by direct exposure to the Sun.

Turmeric, in its own right, has always been known as the ‘healing spice’ for centuries. Revered for its medicinal and anti-bacterial properties, turmeric is a versatile herb that can help treat a myriad of diseases and ailments. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antibacterial, anti-allergic, anti-tumor, anti-oxidant, antispasmodic, antiseptic, and astringent as well as a digestive, stimulant and diuretic. Purification of blood and remedying skin conditions have been its most common uses since time immemorial. It also treats the principle organs of the body - the heart, the liver and the lung.  

It is no wonder then that our ancestors believed so wholeheartedly in haldi-doodh. And what we need to know, is that so can we; and so can our future generations. All it takes is turmeric, milk and honey (or sugar). That’s it, our Energon is ready!

Here’s a simple recipe for delicious and ultra-soothing Golden Turmeric Milk 


Milk – 1cup

Water – 1/4th cup

Turmeric - 1/4th tsp  or an inch of the turmeric root, grated

Ginger – 1 inch piece, grated/minced

(when making this for sore throat or the common cold)

Honey/Sugar – for taste


1) In 1/4th cup water, add the turmeric and the ginger and mix thoroughly. Then add the milk and bring the mix to a boil.

2) Take it off the heat and keep it covered for some time for the spice and the flavours to do their magic.

3) Strain in a cup and add honey/sugar for sweetening the drink.

Voila! Your delicious Golden Turmeric-Milk is ready!

One of the best remedies for sore throat, common cold, feverishness; and generally an equivalent of store-bought paracetamol/aspirin, haldi-doodh is one drink that you can have even when none of these symptoms exist; because, in addition to being supremely delicious, this drink is extremely relaxing, comforting and soothing as well.

And guess what, if your fussy little darling doesn’t prefer this traditionally prepared haldi-doodh, there is also a special flavoured milkshake available in stores that gives you the goodness of this very turmeric-milk, but in several different flavours! Thats right, try Moo Shake! It is not just any other flavoured drink to attract kids, but one that comes with a special ingredient, Haldi! So if you are having a tough time getting your little one have haldi-doodh at home, just give him a pack of Moo Shake in his favourite flavour and see him gulp it down happily!

#MilkJustGotSooper #MooShake

For more information on Moo Shake, visit their website: www.mooshake.co

Sources: http://nutritionstripped.com/turmeric-milk/




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