An Ordinary Day
|   Mar 21, 2016
An Ordinary Day

Dear diary, today was a regular day

Everything went as per routine,

Nothing out of the ordinary happened;

Just one of those days when

One thing follows the other

In a monotonous sort of way.

That’s when I thought to myself

What an uneventful and boring day.


Then….I looked around

And saw how many of them were

Having a terrible day today,

Enduring so much grief and pain

How many had lost a loved one today

How many were struggling to make ends meet

How many wishing that it was

Just another ordinary day.


That’s when I realised…

What a blessed day I had had today.

That’s when I realized…

How we forget to cherish these

So called ordinary days.

How fortunate we are to have a day

When nothing out of the ordinary happens.

So dear diary, I take back my words,

Today was an extraordinary day,

And I’m blessed to be sharing it with you today.


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