Passion is so overrated...
|   May 09, 2016
Passion is so overrated...

I am a person who loves doing a lot of things. I get totally, head-over-heels, immersed in a certain interest and completely lose myself to it. It goes on for a certain period of time till I accomplish what I had set out to. Once done, I am completely at ease with myself and then, interestingly, I move on to my next favourite project. It has been this way since….always.

Let me give you an example, like there was this time after my son was born when the crochet bug bit me and before I knew it, I had churned out little booties with matching caps in every possible pastel, yummy baby shade. Not only that I made matching woollen blankets for the baby too. While I was at it, I decided to make a poncho, a scarf and a hat for my daughter as well; All this with such fervour that it would put a woollen cap maker with a dead line, to shame.

After a short stint at crocheting, I ventured into patchwork quilt-making and also kiddie size cotton bedding with matching pillow cases and curtains. The credit for this craze completely goes to my unfulfilled wish to be an interior designer (of course being a mommy makes you do crazy things).  So, by the time I was done, my daughter’s room looked like spring in full bloom. The pink fabric with pretty daisies in bright yellow and orange set the theme going and I even custom designed the lamp shade in her room with small cut-outs of daisies. (I secretly think this is the reason behind my daughter hating the colour pink so much).

Then there was this time when I used to paint like there is no tomorrow and then scrapbooking, baking, gardening etc…etc…I think you get the idea.       

So whenever I read articles or books which said, follow your passion or chase your dream, I would always wonder if it is possible to have just one passion. I thought other people were so lucky to have that one thing they really love to do whereas here I am not having one but many a-things I love to do.  Now how am I supposed to find my one passion, as they say. Very recently I came across a book called “Big Magic” – Creative living without fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the international bestseller Eat Pray Love. This book is just plain amazing and a must read.  It is insightful and urges all of us to live creatively without worrying so much about the results; as it is that fear of failure that stops us from even trying out things we love to do. Likewise, she also talks about not putting undue pressure on your passion to pay your bills, it just sucks out the creativity and may lead to misery. 

So, don’t wait till you get passionate about something, it may never happen. Instead if you find yourself saying, “wow, this sounds interesting”, then just start building on that. Not because it will lead you to your passion but because during the course of doing it you would have lived a much fulfilling and creative life, full of joy. 

Go ahead and live your life doing whatever you like to do….Is it setting-up an organic garden, joining a painting course, writing a book, learning to bake, taking-up embroidery, learn web-designing? Or whatever it is? Do it because you love the process of doing it, not the result of whether you will make it big or not. Do it without the fear of consequences. Let your kids too learn to live creatively through your example.


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