I am not Rani Mukherjee of kuch kuch hota hai
|   Nov 28, 2016
I am not Rani Mukherjee of kuch kuch hota hai

I was seven months pregnant expecting my second child.My husband went to course giving me assurance that he will be back in a month during delivery.Everything was planned and days were passing smoothly.    But as all says destiny ...😐.It was a googly ....having no medical issues I started with severe abdominal pain so had to rush to the hospital thinking of temporary relief.But then doctors admitted me🙄.

    Watching total chaos in the labour room,it was well understood that nothing is going to be pleasant ,I was all alone gawking at walls,beds , saline water.. trying to counter all the fear.

    Timidly asked Doctor ..is everything fine....he said maam condition is critical.I closed my eyes 😌experienced the power of god,hope and positivity.I gathered courage and said to him"doctor if its really serious then do save my child and me too as I don't want to be rani mukherjee of kuch kuch hota hai who will die leaving letters for her child.I want to live for my son and the newborn who has to come to this world , as now I might not hold any emotions but the heart of a mother can't be replaced by stoned emotions. For these seven months I have got a connection with the life gestating inside me.

 Doctor bursted with hearty laugh and said"maam aapko itni tension mein movie yaad aa rahi hai".

 Next morning I got operated ,had one and a half kg of bundle of joy who took away my dedicated three months to become three kg.

The miracle happened and the ray of hope turned into reality.

Today when I look at my past I really feel that positivity and belief in god can help you to overcome life threatening situations.A bit of humour can change the outlook of many.Life just gives you choices...whatever path you choose ,be positive 😊

     This was my share of story.


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