|   Dec 01, 2016

I was simple,small town girl leading very protective life.My mother being orthodox had just one desire...and that was to marry me as early as possible.     I was prepared mentally to marry any of the decent guy chosen by my parents.so no choice😆.Hence god answered my mom's prayer 😄and I got married,that too proper type arrange marriage.

People say after marriage your life becomes full of sacrifices and responsibilities .But in my case...everything was coming with pleasant surprize...my marriage opened new doors of opportunity for me .

 In due course of time.....I started observing .....WTM....in myself😯....

1)I had never stepped out of my hometown  alone but now I m ready to travel anywhere anytime.

2)Having brothers behaving as bodyguards ,for me fashion was for filmstars but now I m exploring everyday new style.I got freedom to wear whatever I want .

3) We had limited social circle and that too.. of cribbing relatives,depressive aunties and negative neighbours but now I was meeting everyday new people with positive attitude,advance lifestyle and supportive friends.

4)Party food for us was not more than paneer butter masala but now I was trying my hands on  continental , english,thai food since someone special ..loves food cooked by me

5)My passion for writing poems and anchoring did'nt become sweet memories of school and college.They got wings to fly😊.They became my career  instead of hobby

In short ,I was under "Wonderful Transformational Mode"....WTM...u remember😂.Yes dear friends I feel proud to get transformed from naive girl to confident lady who can handle any situation with smile and positive attitude😊.

Thanks to my dear husband who knowingly or unknowingly brought so much change in my life ,The spark was there..he helped me to transform,to learn ,instead of getting irritated ...he helped me to groom and I changed for better.I discovered the new me who had complete authority to keep her views.Marriage for me is the institution where I completely trusted and followed my husband and for sure I was at power😊.

We were blessed with two kids and he gave my parents shock of their life .They were unable to believe that such kind of man exist, they saw him taking care of me and my newly born,my mother was clean bold..she was in tears as she had never experienced such luxury in her life.I was prepared for the worst but when.something like WTM happens in life..you start believing in god and can't stop thanking him.



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