|   Jan 10, 2017

WHAT A GIRL WANTS IS USUALLY WHAT SHE GETS - Can’t say the same for the men now, can we? I know it’s pretty hard being a woman with the monthly period and walking around in six-inch stilettos, but aren’t we sometimes too hard on the men who can’t actually do anything about not being biologically equipped to bring babies into this world? Trust me when I say they would if they could. Men are nice people; let’s give them a break. Not the exes, not the chauvinist pigs, not the ones who can’t differentiate between YOUR and YOU’RE, and definitely not the ones who are capable of feeling just two emotions, namely Hungry and Horny. Did you know that a ‘Douchebag’ is actually ‘a small syringe for douching the vagina, especially as a contraceptive measure’? So you basically need ‘douchebags’ to prevent the advent of further ‘douchebags’.

The entire lot isn’t rotten; there are the good ones as well. The ones who treat women with love and respect; the ones who believe that it’s not women who belong in the kitchen, but anyone who is hungry. The ones who stay faithful to their girlfriends/wives, come what may; the ones who’ll buy you a dress that’s a bigger size because you love to eat but will also try and get you to exercise so that you live longer and the both of you can eat more pizza and travel to more countries together. And yes, Fathers! The unsung heroes in children’s lives. Don’t we all love our fathers? And aren’t fathers MEN? I’m not getting into the single mother thing here. Can’t anyone write anything these days without getting caught up in some or the other controversy? Phew!

It’s relatively easy for a woman if you look at it this way. She wants sex, she’ll get it, He wants sex, he’ll probably have to beg, and since we’re talking about the ‘good’ guys, lets not get into the whole rape culture discussion. She wants to quit her job on a whim, she totally can, He hates his job but he can’t afford to do the same. Let’s face it, the rich girl-poor boy stuff happens just in the 90’s Bollywood cinema. She can get away with most things with that puppy face, He has to apologize for something he did in her dream! She can go on and on about her Daddy dearest but He can’t even praise his mother’s cooking! The poor lad is caught up between the childhood female friend and the girlfriend, and then between the wife and the mother, and later between the wife (now mother) and daughter. The struggle is never ending. I’m sure it’s not easy pleasing everyone. Women know that very well, don’t we?

Let’s try and make life a little easier for the good guys. They are not the reason behind the five-day monthly horror or the reason we have to wear bras. And let’s not give them the ‘what do you know about giving birth’ crap because lets face it, they never will know! Just in the same way we won’t know how to… I can’t actually think of anything that they can and we can’t...oops!

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