|   Dec 13, 2016

Arrival of baby brings lots of happiness along with lots of responsibilities.Handling a baby if you are a first time parent can actually be difficult.One of the task which I found was difficult initially for like 15-20 days was burping the baby.When you watch a video and see experts doing it, it seems like a normal task which can be done without much hassle; but when you are thrown into the actual situation and that to with your own baby, where  you don’t even know how to hold that delicate thing you just produced properly,thats when the real struggle begin.

Why is burping so important in case of babies?

While feeding the baby tends to take lot of air along with the feed which can result in a reflux or colic pain.

Reflux is when the feed backs from stomach causing baby to spit up.

Colic pain is the stomach pain due to gas.

If the baby is burped properly than both reflux and colic pain can be avoided up to a large extent. A baby should be burped after every feeding sessions or inbetween if required.

How to burp the baby?

There are few methods/style for burping the baby

1.Over the shoulder

Hold the baby against your shoulder ;the baby’s head should be over the shoulder put one hand to support baby’s head and other to rub and pat gently the baby’s back.Try rubbing in circles and patting in between.

2.On your lap

Hold the baby facing down with one hand supporting the baby’s neck from down and other hand to pat the baby on the back.The baby’s body should be over your lap.

3.The last method is by keeping the baby in sitting position with one hand supporting the head and chest and with the other hand pat the back of the baby.This position also should be on the lap.

Keep a cloth over your shoulder because the baby can spit up the excess while burping and burping can actually turn messy if the baby has overfed.The baby might not just burp every time but making them burp is relaxing and makes them comfortable.

Lastly one tip ,make your husband learn “how to burp a baby” .This has many benefits firstly breastfeeding itself is tiring and then after a tiring breastfeeding session when you have the responsibility of burping the baby, you might just feel exhausted.But if your husband does the burping job , you might just sit back and relax or just get ready for another feeding session as new borns are quite demanding.

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