DIY from plastic bottle
|   Aug 02, 2016
DIY from plastic bottle

Most of you might already be aware of various DIY to recycle plastic bottles.

I decided to use them to organize my son's color pens and crayons.

Here is a simple DIY from Plastic bottles.
Items required :                                                        
1) Waste plastic bottles
2) Waste fabric
3) Glue
4) scissors
5) color tapes for decoration
5) Waste plate

Procedure :

1) Cut the plastic bottle into three.
2) You may use any waste fabric to paste around the bottle. I decided to use color taps around the same.
3) place the cut plastic pieces on a card board pieces ( cut them into required shape and glue them on the plate)
4) Here you go, you have a colorful pen stand. Well my 3 year old son found this very colorful and decided to keep his crayons and pens.

Note : You may use the lid/ cover of the plastic bottles for toddler activities like sorting and counting.

1) One such activity you may do is, collect few covers/ lids, number them and let the toddlers learn counting. They totally enjoy this.

2) Other such activity is to collect similar covers( either in color or size) and let the toddler explore themselves and sort them by size or colors.

** Other ways to recycle Plastic Bottles : Make sensory bottles.

1) Fill in the plastic bottle with water, few drops of oil and some glitter . seal the cover tightly to ensure they do not leak or can be opened by toddlers.

2) Fill in the plastic bottle with water and add some color sand. seal the cover tightly with a tape/ glue to ensure they do not leak or can be easily opened by toddlers.

Please ensure to closely monitor you toddlers for any of the above mentioned activities. Even if the bottles are sealed, toddlers love to explore and possibility of them opening the bottle

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