Reconnecting back to myself
|   Apr 04, 2016
Reconnecting back to myself

I knew that jaws will drop and eyebrows will be up. This news will be the most favourite topic of discussion for the clans, my in laws and my family.

  I had planned for an advanced course in meditation at the Art of Living International center. That needed me a four days stay over there. Me and my husband had chalked this out since last two months that for two days he will be working at home, the other two days being weekends. As we are having a full time baby sitter it was not a big issue.

Taking care of kids was solely me and my husband’s headache. I don’t understand why do I need to explain and prove myself as a mother in front of all the relatives. My cousin, who was a full time working mother in an MNC called me to ask how can I stay without my kids for 3 nights and 4 days and that too for no important reason! I felt like telling her to share her experience of leaving her two year old for 3 months. May be that can help me.  So you can stay without your kid, if you are earning in 5 or 6 digits per month. Is it a crime for a stay at home mother, who just want to strengthen her inner power? Whether a home maker or a working mom, why should she publish a show cause notice to the whole world?

Bringing up two kids in a fast lifestyle is no way a cake walk. We two only changed the nappies, carried the kids to hospitals, cleaned the messes by taking turns. Me and my husband has to stretch ourselves beyond all the limits for this. Our sleepless nights, our backaches our headaches, our fights and whatever we need not get them approved by the whole world.

It was then, when I felt completely out of my mental and physical stamina that I searched for some yoga classes and came across this AOL meditation courses. The first level was of 4 days long and just for 3 hours a day. I felt relaxed upto some extent. Then me and some other ladies together decided to go for the advanced level. I called my mother and broke the news to her.

 As I was packing my bag and simultaneously feeding my younger one, I smiled and wiped out all the silly questions and worries by the so called well-wishers. My mind was again falling back into the lap of teenage days, as if I am going to some camp or picnic. The whole four days will be solely mine. I was happy to build 

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