The Hate Theory
|   Apr 05, 2016
The Hate Theory

We have gone through so many theories in our school and college days. Some were really scary to be understood. Some were so simple. Many sleepless nights were spent to get them by heart. Thank fully they don’t bother me anymore. But the world which is actually a beautiful place of lovely people is badly affected by “The Hate Theory.” Take it from the mother in law or daughter in law fights to the attacks on Brussels.

We hate them who are unlike us. If we see somebody is different in any possible way from us be it religion, class, place, language or skin color we start disliking him somewhere inside.

A mother in law builds perception in her mind that her daughter in law should perfectly fit into her family. As soon as a bride steps in to the family the gossips start. “You know what she is wearing saree like this ! “

“Oh no! She is putting tea even before the water boils.” Oh common! How can you expect someone from a different family behave in your way. Even siblings differ in their behavior and mindsets. Not even centuries before people were enslaved based on their skin color. The brighter color people somehow believed that they deserve a better life style.

Some pray hands folded, some pray hands crossed and some pray with hands open. But that also triggers the hatred among the followers. Spirituality was for peace of mind, but now it has become a threat to world peace. Same hate theory applies here.

Most of us have felt the heat of not being locals in schools and colleges. Because a guy is new to the class, he or she is bullied.

But the world was not meant to be monotonous. Do we wear only black and white clothes every day? How many of us will eat Biriyani in lunch for one whole year? What we love is also unbearable if it is repeating itself. Why don’t we just accept we are here to live with others?  Life is the other name of changes. The world is beautiful because it is colorful.

We are burdened by our own boundaries.  Let’s raise our necks to peep beyond them.



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