10 silly reasons why my toddler cries
|   Jul 17, 2016
10 silly reasons why my toddler cries

I don't remember myself crying as much as my children. Either i have lost a part of my memory or that, my children are whiners. They have endless, pointless reasons to cry, specially my elder one!

1) Mummy you gave me my milk in the wrong cup!! he has like 4 cups and every morning he pre decides which one he would want his milk on but would not tell me and my guess always goes wrong!

2) You opened the door that i was planning to open!! he could barely reach the top latch, even if he had tried, but he would still cry, everytime the bell rings and someone opens the door.

3) I wore the shoes rightly!! well many time he ends up wearing the shoes on the wrong direction and throws a tantrum, when corrected.

4) I am first, go drink your milk again!! Now after finally getting the milk on the correct cup, if i end up drinking mine sooner than him, i would be asked to start all over again, just so he comes first.. sorry were we even playing who comes first??

5) No one should touch my little sister!! Just when she needs a nappy change or feed time, he would claim to be the brother India and with the good intention of helping her, would not let any of us come near her. 

6)dont want your help: My son is a born know-all. he thinks he doesn't need help to brush, bathe, eating, cleaning - anything and everything. if only he was truly independent and didn't make a mess in trying to do everything on his own.

7) You finished my lollypop: well the lollypop has been going in and out of the fridge for the last one week, just a few licks and off it goes into the fridge again. Since you would feel bad, knowing that i have thrown it in the dustbin, i say - i ate it and offer you a new one.. NO - but you want the one i pretended to eat, not the new one . boo hoo hoo.

8) you dont see I am Jai Hanuman : Now my little one is a huge fan of Hanuman and it seems that all the channels have got a whiff of it. Every channel i know is playing a different version of Hanuman and my kid truly believes he himself has turned into one. He had a tail made of fur, bought a mace, and even wailed his heart out to have his mouth pained red with my lipstick and when i tell him to have his food, he cries - " mummy i am so strong, i am Jai Hanuman" and i have no choice but to remind him he is a mortal, needing food for energy to watch his fav. show.

9) i will not go out on weekends: Now that's the only time we plan any outing and my kid fearing he would miss his Jai hanuman show would not move his tiny butt! he would await from friday night for the sunday 10am show. Hanumaanji... i always worshipped you, but never expected, my son would turn out to be a bigger bhakht!!

10) Bad dreams:  Just when i think the tsunami has finally fallen asleep, he would shreak in his sleep ... any guesses??? "JAI SHRIRAM".. the madness simply continues. The next day he would not have no clue of how many time he woke me up by screaming jai sriram. If ever asked, he would say " mummy i had a bad dream and Shri ram helped me get back to sleep"... well - this time, i cry not him... :)

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