5 series to introduce to your toddler to keep him constructively engaged!
|   Jul 17, 2016
5 series  to introduce to your toddler to keep him constructively engaged!
These are some of the series which my son enjoys seeing. I am happy to show him these, as they have had positive impact on my child's behavior. Additionally, his language and communication skills have improved tremendously.

1) Peppa Pig : Its a cartoon series for a cute little pig family for 4. Mummy pig, daddy pig, peppa pig and george pig. It covers a typical toddler life, life with sibling, daycare life, life with friends, grandparents etc. It introduces a sneak peak into different animals and their strong points like - rabbits live in burrows, they love carrots. It also talks about different games one could play at this age and concepts like - waiting for your turn, involving the younger on in fun. I enjoy some of the episodes myself.

2) Ben and Holly : This is another series which my son loves to see. its about ben the elf and holly the fairy. Its about their magical life, elf is hardworking and holly does magic. Their friendship, day to day chores. they have a common human friend. this series lets your kid imagine a world of his own and encourages faith in his magical world.

3) Little Krishna : This is a regularly on featured in discovery kids. My son likes the strength, friendship and intelligence of little krisha. i like this because of his sheer cuteness.

4) Mr. Maker : This guy shows simple DIY artwork for toddlers. Its creative, educative and helps the kid spend time constructively.

5) Play School : This one is aired in australia network. Its a program, which has story telling, prop using, sing alongs everything embedded together. Everything that's done in a typical play school is depicted here. Even if your kid hasn't started preschool, i recommend showing this, as it very engaging, informative and interesting.

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