​Hey You… How could you not try this?
|   Oct 27, 2016
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​Hey You… How could you not try this?

Readers, Product review alert!!

Product: Quaker instant Oats

Flavour: Strawberry

Are you a mommy, who like me, find it difficult to get up early in the morning?

Are you a mommy, who like me, isn’t highly skilled when it comes to cooking?

Are you a mommy, who is blessed with both a fussy eating child and husband?

Are you a mommy who is tired of hearing this question – Kuch khilate nahi ho bacche ko? (don’t you feed anything to your kid?)

Are you a mommy, who somehow wishes, all the nutrients is packed into the one dish you know how to make and your family loves it?

If you find yourself answering “Yes” In agreement to even one of the above questions, I have just one thing to ask you? How could you not have tried this!! How could you not have tried the latest Quaker flavoured instant Oats?

My son, hardly has an hour to wake up, get ready and rush into the school van for his day at school. Sometimes, all he could manage to put in his tiny tummy is – a glass of milk. And there are days, when I would have slogged in the kitchen to make delicious paratha’s, or sandwiches, ready to be gobbled down, but he could not take more than a few bites because of both the morning rush and being a fussy eater by nature.

I recently got myself a few flavoured Quaker Oats mini packs. The instruction of the pack was very simple. Just pour the ingredient in a vessel, add a cup of milk/Water, cook for 3 minutes and the dish is ready to eat!

Now two things came to my mind – A) isn’t Qats Healthy? Usually healthy is bland and tasteless, but surprisingly this sounds delicious in the strawberry flavour B) Just 3 minutes – you gotta be kidding me!

My family introduced me to my in laws long ago, when they asked about my cooking prowess, that I am excellent in one thing – Boiling water  and now my expertise is put into good use. I tried my hand on the strawberry flavour, as my son loves the flavour usually when it comes to choosing his ice creams or cream biscuits.

The Mild aroma of Strawberry filled in my kitchen and soon reached my son’s nose too. He merrily asked, what is that I am cooking. He showed so much interest in his breakfast even before seeing it, it was definitely a good sign. Being a typical mother, I added a few raisins and small bits of banana pieces greedily to further increase the nutrition quotient.

Unbelievably, my son being the person he is, didn’t finish it clean, but ate most of it. This was definitely better than just the milk and off to school routine, as well as I saved significant time, in not running after him to shove the food in his mouth. He ate it happily and then he said those magical words – “Mummy, I think I like this”.

So dear Quaker Oats, you have my thumbs up!! I promise to try your other flavours too and make a healthy start with healthy breakfast for my son!

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