J.J you are an inspiration not just to this generation, but many more to come
|   Dec 06, 2016
J.J you are an inspiration not just to this generation, but many more to come

Not just because you are one among the very few well meaning, well educated women politician of our time, Not just because you have been a great actress of our times, not just because, you rose to great heights in both the careers that fate decided to thrust on you, but because you are a women of strong will. Life hasnt been fair to you at all, like to many other women, but you chose to give it a fight and emerge as a winner. 

For a regular person such as me, who doesn't often indulge beyond the boundaries of family, friends and work probably, I am  in awe, the way you not just let yourself into atypical and unpropitious circumstances but made the same circumstance entirely conductive for you, and eventually emerged victorious.

You are an inspiration because, you didnt feel victimised by the situations you were put into. You were unprepared, you were not ambitious, you weren't dreaming about making big neither into the movies nor in indian polictics, but when people who loved you, thrust you with the responsibilities, you didnt turn away. You dived straight in, not knowing how to swim ashore, learnt everything from the start, caved your own path. You were beaten, you were name called, you were stripped, you were shamed, you were prisoned, but nothing could beat your spirit.You just came back stronger than ever before. You created history. The one where you would be called Iron lady for the right reasons. 

You are correctly named the "Iron Lady" for you werent born strong but chose to be strong. You chose to take the road less travelled and beat the rivals in their very own game. You led a life that was beyond the conventional setting. You proved, that to be successful, you not necessarily need a man or a family backing you up. You never went out looking for trouble, but if people rubbed you the wrong way, you made sure to give it back!!

True to the attitude in this saying - "There are many people out there to tell you, you cant, What you've got to do is, turn around and say "Watch Me"...You will continue to inspire women of this generation and many more to come even after your death. In a way your journey has a new beginning now, not that something you would have planned, but once again thrusted on your by the people who beleive in you. 

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