The unprepared dad! Chronicle of every new father..
|   Jul 03, 2016
The unprepared dad! Chronicle of every new father..

This is the typical story of the vast majority of Fathers! While they may want to come across as a "Know all", the reality is - they are clueless about many things, especially if it is related to - home, relationships and of-course parenting. They would have a million vision of what to make of their child, but wouldn't know how to change his diaper. 

The fact is - when a woman becomes a mother, she has to know everything overnight.. but when a man becomes a father, its always "work in progress". He needs time to digest the fact that he is a father now. You see, he is not yet out of the shock of realizing that he is married and has a wife for his entire life, being a father is beyond his wildest dream.

Next comes, coping with his ever cranky wife (a new mother now) - The poor husband truly hopes that the madness and craziness that has taken over his wife while she was trying to conceive and during the entire period of pregnancy would finally end once the baby sees the light, but Boy! how wrong could he be. he realizes that the show has just begun!

One look into the eyes of the mini creature he has created and his world is filled with pride, until he holds the baby close and it wails and wails and wails.

He tries every trick in the book to get his kid's attention - he sings, he jumps, he jokes, pull faces, but the baby hardly given a damn and prefers to be glued to his mother, leaving him wonder what makes the mother so special. Well he obviously doesn't consider the part where the baby spent nine months in the mother's womb or the fact that she's practically been by the baby's side right from his first heartbeat to his first breath to his first poop and everything that follows. 

His happiness knows no boundary, when the one time, the baby clings to him, for his life, to escape the mother who's threatening to stuff some extra food. He truly believes this is love, till he realizes that its just a trick the baby has learnt to escape eating.

His life has turned Topsy Turvy, his Fridays are no longer a relaxed time with friends and beer, but baby sitting, baby watching, baby proofing, baby farting,  everything that starts and ends with "baby"  and his weekends are busy with - vaccination trips, doctor consultation trips, medical store trips, emergency trips.

His monthly bills have sky rocketed and who could he share his doubts and fears with? The only partner in all his deeds is neck deep into baby caring and is on a long MAT leave extended into a sabbatical for couple of years with high possibilities of early retirement. 

The only time he gets to spend time with the woman of his life is when baby is fast asleep, after patiently hearing the lullaby, the 78th time in loop, battling to not fall asleep himself, when he asks the wife to come over to sit with him, he hears her say "not today honey". 

Life starts all over again, with the kid starting to go to school. You truly have to restart your life, after getting bankrupt in the process of securing a good school.

He looks up to his father with new found respect and for the first time realizes his perspective, his decisions, his actions, him as a whole being. He realizes he is just like him, a seasoned dad now!He tries his best to lay the world for his family, he wants to be the best son to his parents, with whom he no longer knows how to connect with - in the process of growing up. he wants to be the best husband to the wife, who thinks he is not understanding enough. He is trying hard to be the super dad, whom the kid would look up to and be proud of.

He is still a child, full of emotions but trapped in an adult body, with an inexpressive face. He cant let himself cry - well he is a man, he cant laugh too much, dare the kids take him for granted. He cant talk too much, either the mother or the wife either one of them is bound to feel left out or jealous. He never shares his struggles, he gracefully accepts being a second fiddle in his child's life. He could never fully express how much he loves his child or the sacrifices he's made being a father. Though the mother carries the child in her womb for 9 months, but the father truly carries him in his heart for a lifetime.

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