To all the mommies out there - set yourself some goals
|   Jun 16, 2016
To all the mommies out there - set yourself some goals
Motherhood is like a new lease of life a woman gets to live. While the road of motherhood is laid with its own sweet challenges and memories to cherish, its also laid with self doubts and illusion of dependency. There are many mothers (including me), who at some point had an identity crisis, like - who am i, what am i doing for myself, how can i be more worthy. Many of these questions arise from the situation of our world shrinking around the new born, catering to his needs 24/7.we completely lose our own necessities like our health, our  mental peace (be it catching up on a fav show or a good sleep), our social needs (to meet friends, to relax).  Suddenly we find our self entirely dependent on our partners for even the most mundane activity like - going on a vegetable shopping, catching up on a nice movie etc. And yet, there is a feeling of being utterly useless sometimes.

I have been there and the best that i did to myself was - SETTING PERSONAL GOALS!! - yes, i took some time in between the kids nap, or while the family was busy pampering them, to set myself some tangible(achievable) goals.
GOALS are basically the desired result of the actions you chose to focus on. Setting goals, makes you more focused, keeps you un-distracted, gives you a way to measure your achievements, and most of all, keeps your motivated. goals can be short term and long term. 
here are some examples of short term goals for a new mom
  • Getting a good night sleep
  • Eating healthy
  • learning to ask of help
  • trusting your instinct
  • learning to laugh 
  • enjoying every moment and cherish them
  • go on a bi-weekly/monthly dinner date with husband

Long term goals:

  • Losing pregnancy weight
  • Yearly retreat to pamper yourself and come back rejuvenated
  • Catching up with your busy friends every 3/6 months once.
  • finding your true calling - following your passion.

You can also make some financial goals

  • accommodating the baby expenses within ***$$ bracket
  • Saving **$ amount every month in the piggy bank

If you are someone who yearns to go back to work

  • Making your CV impressive
  • to network and improve contacts
  • to revisit the latest happening in your field of interest
  • to brush up your basics.

Once you set up goals for yourself, and drive yourself to achieve them, i tell you, you start exuding confidence and spreading happiness all around you. 

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