Don't Let The World Change Your Smile!
|   Jul 25, 2017
Don't Let The World Change Your Smile!

Parenting is a beautiful journey.  We want our children to enjoy with us throughout the journey and emerge as the brightest of the bright stars. 

We take care of their health, their academics, their well being.  We inclusively educate them about various life skills. We want them to be well prepared for the outside world and lead an overall fulfilling life. 

As a part of our inclusive coaching, one of the most important aspect is the emotional well being of our child. Children need to be well equipped to deal with the roses and thorns that we need to walk upon in the outside world. 

The onus is on us, parents, to prepare the child to remain stable through various ups and downs of life.

We must teach our children to express. Each of us is unique. Expression reflects our true self and is so much important to channelize our feelings. Encourage the children to speak up. Let them take up a hobby like writing, painting, dancing or music. Simple and basic activities like watering the plants can be so therapeutic.

Children have the choice to say No. We must empower them to say no to people or situations that are against their sense of right and wrong. 

In the outside world, children may come across situations that question their credibility and undermine their dignity. Give them the strength to say no. No to bullying, no to cheating. Most importantly, saying no to people who tax our child so much that they have nothing left for themselves. 

It is important to build and strengthen relationships, as being social is our essence. But at the same time, we must teach our children to enjoy solitude. In life, if time may come, when we are left alone,  let us enjoy that phase as well and be our own strength. 

Educating them about nutrition and fitness, honing their skills of doing little chores, making them money savvy,  and also helping them develop hobbies like reading will equip them to enjoy solitude

Kids need to understand that we have the power to say no. Similarly, we must have the strength to listen to a No. It is very important to accept and respect rejection gracefully. We may not always get what we want.

Mishaps and setbacks do happen. Some scar us physically,  some scar us mentally and some scar us emotionally. It is very important to teach our children to let go of the pain and move on.  Make them see the brighter side. Never over analyze a painful incident or a loss. 

Make children socially responsible. Inculcate compassion by discouraging the concept of winning and losing. Educate them about cleanliness, about gender equality, about our rights and duties, about respect. 

Let the children change the world with their smile. Don't let the world change their smile. 

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