Destined To Fly !!
|   Jun 14, 2017
Destined To Fly !!

Education is my right, and not my privilege. Hygiene and sanitation is a necessity, not an advantage.

Physical beauty is my grace, and not my identity. My name (maiden or married - whatever that means) is just a part of me, not the entire me. I am whole, irrespective of my name.

Procreation is my aspect, and not my destination. Motherhood is my instinct;  not a matter soliciting your judement. 

My attire is my choice; not subject to your approval. Dressing up in good clothes, jewellery and finery is a matter of my comfort and not someone's status.

I am lucky to have everyone, and everyone is equally lucky to have me. You are not great to give respect, I deserve it. 

Success is not my good fortune, it is my hard work. I carry my own dignity, not dependent on your perception. 

I am a part of my family's honor, not the sole bearer of it. Voicing my opinion doesn't mean I am being disrespectful. Eating before or after others is a matter of convenience, not a matter of compulsion.

I bend, so that I don't break. My family is my priority, and so am I. 

I want the best for my child. I may or may not know the price of things, but I know their value.

I am proud to be a mother, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law. But these labels don't define my individuality.

I am not a number.  My weight, height, body stats can never define me. I am not just a body. I am not just a soul. Watch out for me, I am so much more.

I am growing with you, not because of you, maybe inspite of you. 

You can't define my limits, neither can I.  No one can stop me when I am destined to fly. 

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