Rakshabandhan Is For Sisters Too! 
|   Aug 02, 2017
Rakshabandhan Is For Sisters Too! 

As I unwrap the Rakhi gift from my sister, I reminisce the bond we share. The bond that has only strengthened, across families, across surnames, across cities, across time zones, across continents.

The connection we have has only deepened, with the ups and downs we both have faced. We stand by each other, when we lose sight of the shore. We sew together each other's pieces, when life has torn our insides apart.

Our enemies become same, so do our friends. For, we are joined by the sweetness and bitterness of moments that we have tasted together through the glorious journey of life.

I follow her footsteps, much to her annoyance. The perks of having an elder sister, I must say. I find my inspiration in her actions.  Our lives may be different, but our soul remains the same, for we are connected by the laughter and tears that we have shared.

We may have our share of disagreements,  but it doesn't matter.  We don't judge each other. Our bond has grown like a seed when buried into the ground,  through thick and thin.

We both are capable of protecting ourselves. And, I have learnt a great deal of qualities like independence, self reliance,  responsibility and courage from my sister. 

We may not talk daily. We may not see each other for months. But I know,  I will always love, and be loved, throughout my life, no matter what. 

On this day of Rakshabandhan, I vow to value, cherish and protect this bond forever.

Rakshabandhan is majorly the celebration of the brother- sister relationship. But for me, it has always been the celebration of the love and bond I have with my sister. 

Rakshabandhan is for sisters too. 

Dedicated to my sister.

Three Cheers for Sisterhood. 

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