Wind Beneath Her Wings!
|   May 31, 2017
Wind Beneath Her Wings!

As the waves come crashing down the shore, I watch my daughter skip and hop under the open skies. I watch her run. I want her to fly. So I begin to write. Write for her. Write for myself.

My Dear Baby!

Always dream big. As they say.. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars. You are amongst a few fortunate ones to be able to choose your dream. When you do it, make it large. 

Work really hard. Your hard work is the wealth you will always have. It is OK to not be perfect. Just be consistent and try to be better than before. That is enough.

Accept the expectations. People will expect many things from you. Accept it as a part of life and move on. Never let the expectations of others take away the beauty of your journey. 

Co-exist. You will have many opponents in this competitive world. Co-existence is the key my child. Sun shines during the day. Moon brightens the sky at night. Stars illuminate the moonless sky.

Value the ones who love and respect you. Always. For love is the strength which no one can conquer. Our respect, dignity and worth is in our own hands. But it is a blessing to receive it from your loved ones.

Focus. When people try to bring you down, focus on your work. Up your game. Rise above their pettiness.

Be Compassionate . Our soul's inherent purpose is to help. Always be kind. When we help ourselves and others, we fulfill the ultimate goal of our soul. 

You will always have yourself. That is all you need. Never tie your happiness to other people or things or milestones. Wherever you go, always carry your own sunshine. Happiness is just now, right here.

May you always shine bright. May you always find strength within. May you always find the wind beneath your wings.

With Love from Mom!!

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