Do your kids love Dinos? How about Dino v2.0?- (Jurassic World movie review)
|   Jun 20, 2015
Do your kids love Dinos? How about Dino v2.0?- (Jurassic World movie review)

Verdict: Watch on big screen. Don't pull along kids if they aren't keen.

When I first read about Jurassic World early this year, I seriously got worried. 

My daughter who is now almost seven likes to read and is fascinated by the pre-historic creatures. She even refers to the dinos by their full tongue-twister names...not like I do ... that tall one, that spikey, that long neck, that flying fellow! Yeah, if I had a colleague called SKPSG, (short for Sree Krishna Partha Sarthy Ganapati), I'd rather call him SK!

Anyway, I was worried for two reasons-

1. I had about 3-4 months to do my homework and read up the basics about these giant lizards, so I can look smart enough in my daughter's eyes

2. I feared that Jurassic World might just shatter her love for the beast. I was genuinely concerned after I saw the gory promos.

So, when the movie released on 11 June, though she was most excited, I tried my best to discourage her from watching it. But then, I wanted to watch it too :) Finally, after a lot of mental negotiation, I decided to trust the U/A certification and tried to convince myself that she was old enough to watch it. (PS: Don't take very young children please.)

And we chose the best possible day to watch it... I mean, who ventures out to watch a movie when the city is flooded, schools and offices are closed and roads are deserted. I mean, roads are 'desert'ed but in a flooded sort of way... you know what I mean! After our little adventure to reach the theater, it took us 40 mins to get in. Because, turns out that lot of people thought exactly like me! It was a full house... all screens. And there were a lot of kids in our audi, so I felt less guilty.

I had watched the first Jurassic Park eons ago, and didn't really follow the series, so I wasn't really comparing this to them. It helped. I could almost see it through my 7 yo's eyes!

Do your kids love dinos? Ask them why and they'll tell you with bright wide eyes about how huge they can get (T-rex is typically their favourite), how they used to rule the planet millions of years ago and how cute their babies are. They get all this in the first part of the movie and in a Disneyworld style. It all looks so much fun... ride a dino, feed a dino, awesome roller-coasters, gyrosphere rides, kayaking with the dinos etc, there was a point I had to re-emphasize to my daughter that this was fiction!

Just before the interval, Irrfan Khan asks his Theme Park manager, "Will it scare the kids?" And he doesn't mean it in a concerned sort of way. It was intended. Because, "The people want to be thrilled. They want to see more teeth". 

And then... the bad boy gets loose! My brave little dino-lover sat through the rest of the movie looking through the pin-hole camera she created with her palms!

But I enjoyed the movie. I was thrilled, yes. But. There is always a but! Consider this-

  • They are breeding some of the most ferocious wild dinosaurs on an island and treat it as if its just like managing a theme park. Wow!
  • The dinos are in a giant island of a circus and perform tricks for an instagram audience.
  • They create a killer-machine of a dino- Indominus Rex - in a test tube and its been a secret all along. Even their boss comes to 'review' it once it is fully grown. (Hey! They make a full grown dino and I can't even make up that spelling?)
  • By the way this Indo-fellow is a genetically modified super-dino with part T Rex, part Raptor, part Cuttle Fish, part Tree Frog... and the rest of the recipe is classified.
  • The security measures of that island fell apart like a china-bazaar wine glass! I mean you have carnivorous dino-birds flying away just like that... now you have to watch out not just for that pigeon who marks your car every morning, you might just get picked up by the wrong guy!
  • The theme park management team talks about the dinosaurs as assets, brands and numbers on a spreadsheet. One guy refers to the animals as a weapon, a killer machine that can be genetically modified and trained to attack. They later realise that these killing machines also have a mind of their own! 

On a serious note, the moral of the story for me was- "there was a reason Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago, just let them be!" Jurassic World shows you how selfish man can get, and how we will, in the name of progress, continue to underestimate the power of nature. (In the end our T-Rex shows them who the real boss is!)

There were a few more ethical questions this movie raises, but your younger kids might not take away any of those... but they will still be fascinated and their eyes might still light up when you say Dino! 

Btw- Here are the names of the Dinos from Jurassic World, yes, she made me look them up! 

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