Oh! Mr. Keetanu, Choo choo Aaackchoooo!
|   Mar 23, 2016
Oh! Mr. Keetanu, Choo choo Aaackchoooo!

My daughter is now seven, and loves her TV time.
Her favourite thing to watch, since the beginning of her time has been… ADVERTISEMENTS!

It was a great talking point at every family gathering and balanced out the fact that she twitched her nose like my husband and had his eyes and blah blah blah! It was a well-earned “bilkul-Maa-pe-gayi-hai” moment for me and I was extremely proud since I am a communications professional myself. 

When she was about three, thanks to the commercials, she named her soft toy- “Keetanu” (Germs). Wow! She even had my sense of humour… yeah, I was super thrilled.

She started tagging along Keetanu literally everywhere, and that’s when my inherent fear of not falling prey to superstition started taking over!  Every time she sneezed, coughed or even stumbled down with her toy in tow, I scowled at the poor lifeless cotton-filled bunny.

You know how we mothers are, don't you? No matter how pragmatic and modern we are, one freaking germ brings us down on our knees.

It is true. You can’t ignore the pollution, the unhygienic outdoors, or the new air-borne diseases cropping up every now and then. And to rub it in is the fact that every other ad on TV is either giving you  “potion” (nutrition) or protecting you from “keetanu”, be it food, soap, mattress, cosmetics, air conditioners, you name it! And we mothers are still forever googling for products that are germ-free and nutritious! 

Anyway, my daughter got over Keetanu soon and got busy with Oggy and the Cockroaches!

Oh God, how much I missed Keetanu!!!

I know the show is quite popular with the kids, but I really want to know if Shah Rukh Khan, Nana Patekar, Paresh Rawal and Sunny Deol know the torture they put me through for over a year! Who thinks of making cockroaches adorable, like seriously?! Thankfully, she didn't bring her fascination for cockroaches into our real world. Well…yes I had a role to play in that. I rationed the show to one day a week and then banned it soon after.


Then, when she was five, we moved to Mumbai.

That was like the anti-climax. Keetanu was back, and how!
This time he came back with a vengeance.

The air was humid and coming from a dry city like Hyderabad, we all had a tough time settling in. Each of us was falling ill every other week, and Keetanu was enjoying playing kho-kho with us! Living in a lowly-ventilated space in the Mumbai suburb can be further punishing. The air had a permanent stench of fish and the wardrobes and rooms would be perennially damp and dull. Odonil became my daughter's new best friend! She loved the sound of the word, so her three race cars were named- Odonil, Oshiwara and Paracetemol!


That was then. We soon moved away from the landfill to a better location, and now have beautiful french windows facing the sea.

Seems perfect? It is.

Well, almost.

You know the golden sand from the beach, which is strewn with garbage? When that comes in through those beautiful open windows, it could really aggravate certain allergies…

… Ackchooo! Sigh!


Someone please gift me a year’s supply of that new 1 touch air sanitizer they show on TV!!!

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