Father who is more than a mother
|   Jun 15, 2017
Father who is more than a mother

Having a baby gives real meaning to the life of parents. It changes everything, from the routine lives to the choices that they make in their life. A mother means a lot to the baby, as she is the one who takes​ care of all his little needs and can understand him well just by looking at the expressions​ on his face. But sometimes a father goes one step further than the mother and leaves her amazed, this is what happened in my case.

At the time of my delivery my mother could not come immediately as I had emergency C- section and my mother in law couldn't stay with me in hospital because of health reasons. So it was just my hubby at night and it was his responsibility to take care of me and baby. I was worried and was not sure about him that he will be able to take care of me and baby at night. Mostly I was worried about baby as she had to be feed formula milk after every 2 hours as I was not lactating and also wet nappies had to be changed timely.

It was first night after delivery and he called nurse for feeding our baby and changing nappies at night. Next morning my mother in law came and stayed till evening. At night I was surprised to see that my hubby did not call nurse for feeding our baby. He carefully prepared formula milk and took the baby girl in arms and fed her with spoon. After she had pooped, he cleaned her lovingly and changed the nappy. When ever she cried he took her in arms and just roam around or made her sleep in cradle while pushing it slowly. He had set alarm for every 2 hours so that he can feed her formula milk on time.

I did not lactate even after 4 th day so formula milk was continued for her. During all this my daughter was really understanding him as her mother and was more comfortable and calm when ever he took her in his arms. He was the person who taught me how to change the nappies or feed her when I was able to sit and stand. When we moved to our home my daughter use to sleep on his chest instead of my lap . 

Well seriously he was like second mother to her and infact still he is. As he comes from office my baby girl just forgets me and just plays with him. My girl is 19 months now but even today she sleeps by covering her face in his chest. I am proud to have such hubby who never bothers to change soiled nappies or spend sleepless nights for our girl. I just love the beautiful bond between them.


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