Yummy mango recipes for babies #post 3
|   May 24, 2017
Yummy mango recipes for babies #post 3

Mangoes are the most awaited seasonal fruit which are loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals. The word itself makes you enjoy the yumminess of this fruit. It’s one of the few fruits which is not only loved by adults but children too. 

Nutritional Value of Mangoes-

The nutritional value of one mango is as follows – • Calories 201

• Fat 0.8 g

• Carbs 32.3 g

• Protein 1.7 g

• Fibre 5g

• Minerals like potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium

• Vitamins A and C

Mango has lots of health benefits for babies. It helps in digestion, develops vision, improves immunity and helps in brain development of babies. So, being a mommy, I try to give mango in variety of dishes to my baby girl.

So here I have few mango recipes for babies. You can feed all these recipes to your baby after they turn 1.

1. Mango Lassi

Ingredients- 1 cup curd, 1 cup chopped mango, sugar as required, ½ tsp cardamom powder, few ice cubes

Method-Add mango, curd, sugar, cardamom powder, ice cubes in grinder and make a smooth paste. If your baby has started taking nuts you can garnish the lassi with chopped pista, almond and cashew nuts.

2. Mango Shake

Ingredients-1 cup chopped mango, 2 cup milk, sugar as required

Method- Add mango, milk and sugar to jar and make smooth puree. You can adjust the consistency by adding more milk.

3. Mango Ice Cream

Ingredients- 1 cup chopped mango, Milk cream or malai, 1/2 cup milk, sugar as required

Method- Add mango, sugar and milk to jar and make smooth paste. Pour it in container and seal it with plastic foil so that it will not have the layer of ice. Freeze it for 4-5 hours. Now pour the half frozen ice cream in jar and add milk cream or malai and again make a smooth paste and pour it in container and seal with plastic wrap. Freeze it for 7-8 hours.

4. Mango Oats

Ingredients- 1 table spoon oats,  1/2 cup milk, pinch of cardamom powder, mango puree

Method- In a pan add oats, milk and cardamom powder and cook it for 5 minutes on medium flame. Let it cool down and add mango puree.

5. Mango Apple Puree

Ingredients- 1/2 apple chopped, 1/2 mango chopped, water as required, pinch of cardamom powder

Method- Take pan and add apple and water and boil till they are soft. Cool it down. Take jar and add apple, mango and cardamom powder and blend to make smooth puree.


1. If introducing mango for the first time, feed in small quantities to check for allergies.

2. It’s best to introduce mango to babies after they turn 1.

3. Adding sugar in mango dishes is completely optional.

4. Add dry fruits in any dish only if baby has started eating nuts. Grate it to very fine pieces.

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