Can there be any end to Sulking !!!
|   Aug 06, 2016
Can there be any end to Sulking !!!

The mobile rang at 6 am as, Mira, in half sleep, heard her cook telling her that she would be on leave for today. Not slept properly, thanks to her 3 yr old’s midnight tantrum, she gets up hurriedly thinking about the breakfast and lunch preparations. She does everything to the T, just before her little one gets up. Literally running through the house, she manages to get her kid ready for school, packs the lunch and gets ready herself for the office dot on time. All the while she was greeted with the ever sulking face of her mother in law which Mira in her 8 years of marriage has been unable to fathom.

Running through her busy day at work which also includes co-ordination with maid, cook and baby sitter, she goes home only to be welcomed with the same sulking face which has not moved even an inch. The situation is such that there is hardly any talk between her and her Mother in Law. She finishes dinner, feeds her kid, does her kid do the homework and goes into the room to sleep.

All thoughts just rustle through her mind...what is expected out of me, is it not good enough that I am independent and taking care of household chores also to the fullest and also not burdening my in laws with any household anything else, can i do to avoid the 24x7 sulking face? She somehow pacifies herself that may be her mother in law doesn’t talk much where as Mira enjoys talking, sharing things etc. ..May be they are just different personalities..! Suddenly she remembers the time when her husband’s Mamaji and Mausjiji had come, when contrary to the ever sulking face, she could see her mother in law in a very cheerful mood.

She calls me up next day, (we are best friends) and asks me whether there can be any end to this? “And why this behaviour, I was not dying to get married to her son, if it was not as per her wish..” she continues. “Our societies have become more mature, where the lady of the house is expected to be independent and should be able to call the shots at everything with equal ease and confidence just like her husband, then why this behaviour?” She exclaims.

Well, even though I wanted to answer her questions, but I don’t have one. I would like any mother in law, who is going through this blog, to answer her questions. Also would be more than glad to hear from some daughter in laws who would love to speak their minds on this.

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