Career oriented??? Get the right partner...
|   Jun 09, 2016
Career oriented??? Get the right partner...

Confused??? Let me explain...

A lady of the house is like car fuel, without which the family cannot function seamlessly. She is the one key to all solutions who delivers her duties day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute without any complaints and most importantly with a pretty smiling face.

Apart from her homely responsibilities, she can also have an eager need of supporting her family financially and of course doing well and growing there too! In such a scenario, her duties double up as she has to manage the best and worst of both her roles.

And what can make this journey a little easier, is having the RIGHT SPOUSE.

The term “RIGHT SPOUSE” doesn’t mean who would not have any faults or who would not give his honest opinion..(we all have faults and we all like to give our opinions) but a person who can fit into her shoes if need be, to reduce the stress on her..who can support her when things go wrong at her work/family rather than throwing tantrums or questioning her when she needs her the most.

All females who have done well at her careers have always mentioned the utmost need of a supporting partner. Selecting the right spouse starts with knowing yourself and your expectations minutely. Most often people fail to understand the harsh realities of life post marriage and the realistic expectations from their spouse.

The “RIGHT SPOUSE” is the guy who guides and supports her, without an iota of pride, to the level that she cannot feel grateful enough. Undoubtedly he is mature enough to understand the work pressure and her need of support at various it managing the kids for sometime while she is away or giving her a helping hand in the kitchen when she had a long day at work or picking up the groceries on the way back to home.

After all what a woman wants..someone who can be only half as caring as her and she would happily continue to do her duties..

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