Look what we did!
|   Mar 07, 2017
Look what we did!

A fair and beautiful young girl is talking in a park with lot of actions. A little girl smiles at her - "Aww so cute!" and then a little boy does the same -"Aha, you naughty!"

Come on! they are kids. Children usually get excited with anything attractive. This is just an instance. Kids take subtle clues from our actions. We seldom realize what impact our behavior is having on them. The society has always been dangerous for a woman/girl. Those men who attack are also sons' of some mother out there. It is because of us, that a girl is getting raped, molested, tortured.

If the upbringing of such men had been watchful, all this could be prevented. Men unlike women take things straight. A mother tells her son, "Don't cry, you are a boy!", he believes it. He assumes crying is a 'girl' thing. Tomorrow, they are the ones who beat up wives. They feel they own their wife, like they own their car. When is it that we have a world where men treat women as humans and not as objects! This problem is not new. It is only catching attention now because of connectivity and awareness. It is the responsibility of every woman to treat a boy and a girl at par right from a very young age. Never build superiority complex in a boy because he is a boy! We are in a society where politicians say, "Boys are always boys". What does it mean?

Recent generation is changing for good. When a new gen couple have a daughter, they celebrate. They teach her to do everything - hit back when bullied, shout loud when someone is scolding, learn to defend self from abusers. Awesome. But, that is not enough. More responsibility is if you have a son. Teach them not to bully anyone, not to scold any, not to abuse any. If only every woman in this world decide, I will treat any boy as I treat a girl, they would not manifest into such abusive adults.

Another heartbreaking issue are the infant molesters or the pedophiles. A pedophile can be treated if detected at an early age. No mother would like to accept that her child has a problem. But please please watch out for signs. Most parents who ignore the symptoms says BOYS ARE LIKE THAT. It might be hard to digest the fact that my kid has signs of it, but think how much good can be done to society by not letting this problem grow. My humble request to all of you to read the below, be watchful and spread it


This women's day, if all the women on the earth decide not to be biased to sons and to treat sons just like daughters, by teaching them the same values, we will surely have a safe planet for all of us in the coming generations.

Thanks for reading!

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