A 'shameful' act
|   May 06, 2017
A 'shameful' act

It's been years I have thought to write about this. Finally it's getting penned down.Just as a monthly routine I had visited the medical store near my House to buy sanitary pads as my periods were near by. As I ask the Pharmacist for my particular brand of sanitary pads his actions follow the same old routine, where he takes some newspaper , wraps the sanitary pads pack, puts it in a bag n hands over to me.

Why , why and why? Is my one question to these people. Why do they have to wrap this thing and gift it to me. I am buying some medical need thing from you, asking it very loudly n clearly then why are you ashamed of giving it to me directly. Why you have to gift wrap it. Oh yes, people around would see me with that packet and would start gossip, oh no she's getting her period!!! Really!!!!!

I am not ashamed of it nor I want to hide my periods thing. Its a natural process, its a good sign of my health n above all it has helped your mother bring you here. Then why are you hiding it. Why r u been embarrassed. If so why are you selling it first of all.

I know these are small little things but these things build up the mindset of the people, the society. They need to change it and only then others follow. 

Few lines for this world out there:

Oh the beautiful world!Oh the beautiful world!

There's a place for u n me too over here,

There r times of troubles n pains too over here,

Just don't close your eyes n walk away then,

As I don't want your help but your support then,

Let's be free n let's be together,

Oh my beautiful world, oh my beautiful world!

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