Zindagi LIVE......
|   Jun 24, 2016
Zindagi LIVE......

Run from what is comfortable. Forget Safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on i'll be MAD.



A Great Mystery. No one knows its previous history. Not so easy to understand, not so easy to live....

I have lived almost half of my life reached mid thirties. Many times when i am in traumatic situation I usually ask GOD " WHY me WHY me " ??? Have i committed some sin for which i am paying ??? My thoughts always end up in Dilemma.

It is said that PROMISES are meant to be broken so just as the RELATIONSHIPS. I wish i would have never felt the need to write this but today i have a strong need and urgency. So Here's my story....

A Introduction of my DREAMY world. A girl born out of a strong woman was bought up as a TOM BOY. Don't know how quickly i reached my teenage and my journey for struggle started thereafter. Everything was going perfect in life....A good qualification, a good job, nice reputation, awesome friends, cool looks and chirpy nature and above all met my love of life. Don't know how just 10 yrs passed after marriage and never had an idea that my relationship now is like tangles of NOODLES. The more you try to entangle it, the more you end up in FUSS.
Abandonment was the gift offered by my husband on my 10th anniversary of marriage. It was like a HUE and CRY situation for me. Never ever thought in my deadliest dream that i have to go through this shock therapy. I tried real real hard to save my relationship but there was nothing left in the marriage.
One fine day GOD came in my dreams. He said to me few lines...
Don't turn your back, Just walk away....
Just give it a thought there can be another way....
Just hold my hand and give it a try......U and I will do it together.
My thoughts made a total U-Turn. Summation of positivity, strength, power, vision they all entered my body and a solace guided me throughout.
It is said that whatever happens, happens for good. GOD always has some hidden message for his deeds...
Life is a riddle, Life is a game, Life is school.
Forget all learning, just play it cool. Life is a Drama, Life is a stage....OH my chirpy bird!! Wish you leave this cage.
Till what all happened with me, I never realized that i was living in cage. I buried my Dreams, Almost forgot to live, Sacrificed my emotions, felt the deepest remorse. During the journey i learnt Lessons from LIFE....
  1. Love is FRIENDSHIP ( Make new Friends )
  2. Always cherish good memories and bury the bad memories.
  3. If you want to have a good profile please carry yourself with a SMILE.
  4. Brighten every HOPE and lighten every HEART.
  5. Do not loose heart. For those bad moments will soon apart. 

Let your Life go step by step. Don't AIM at something. The key to motivation should be how far have you come not how far you have to GO. Every next step should be your AIM. Be courageous and cheerful.

  " The older i get, the more i realize value of privacy, cultivating your circle. Not everyone deserves a seat at the table of your life ".

A have made mistakes in my life. I have let people take advantage of me. But now i have learnt from my bad experiences and even though there are some things I can never recover and people who will never be SORRY. I now know BETTER for next time.

" Zindagi ki asli Udaan abhi Baaki hai, Mere Iraadon ka Imtihan abhi baaki hai.

Abhi to naapi hai Muthi bhar Zameen, Abhi to Poora aasman Baaki hai."

P.S.- A ROADIES salute to all single parenting mothers....

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