Moments of Bidaai
|   Aug 05, 2016
Moments of Bidaai

Moments of Bidaai - Expression of a mother

It was 2am of the wedding night of my beautiful daughter. She looked the perfect bride beautifully dressed in a red lehenga, sitting next to the most handsome and perfect man of her life. The pheras were going on; I and my husband were doing the ritual of kanyadaan. Most of the guests had left the venue and the remaining relatives were trying hard to remain awake and the ones who could not resist took a nap on their chairs. All the rituals were over and finally the time for Bidaai came near.

We went to our house from where the bidaai had to happen. All the relatives were served tea and some snacks while I could hear my heart beat running very fast. I felt goosbumps over my body. In the room where everyone was seated including my daughter and her husband, all of a sudden everyone got blurred from my vision and I could only see my lovely daughter. I could not take my eyes away from her even for a second. I was now not seeing her dressed bridal but my little princess when she was just born and I saw her for the first time.  I was seeing a little 5 years old doll who used to eat up my mind with her stories and talks, I was seeing a teenage young girl who came running to me for all her troubles. I was seeing a working girl who would take me out for shopping just to make me feel good. In a span of few minutes on staring at her, I relived the entire 25 years of my life shared with her. How I used to cry on her vaccinations, how I felt when she used to get hurt or how great friends we were. In the humdrum of this fast moving life I never told her how much I loved her and what she meant to us. I felt something is pulling us apart and she has to go away .

I was so  upset and asked god, Why God? She is my part, my flesh and blood, We both nurtured her for 25 years, why she has to go away from us now? We not just spent 25 years with her, but we lived and grew with her, she completed us. Then why god? Why do I have to take my heart out and give it to someone who is so new to her? Nobody knows my childs needs better than me? Will the new family be able to take care of my daughter the way we do?  To it, god replied, my child, I made each girl so special and blessed them with the ability to brighten anybodys life and family. I blessed women with a boon to bring a new life to this world. Only a woman can complete a family and turn a house to a home. Even you; when you were 23 got married and how beautifully you lightened up your husband’s life and family.

I was now bit relieved but still had the sinking feeling to let go my daughter. And I could hear the hustle bustle in the room. My little princess was busy talking to her cousins and hubby, she was smiling and happy. I was happier to see her happy and bid her goodbye with wet eyes but inner strength kept me strong that she is now going to start a new life, new family of her own.

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