Sore today strong tomorrow
|   Jan 27, 2017
Sore today strong tomorrow


7 years into married life and 4 years into parenting. It seems life just took a leap in an eye blink or like some tv serials. Hard to realise its been over 13years since i left college. Post marriage, each passing day brought a new role and expectations and i kept swinging along the waves of a daughter in law, a wife, an employee and most importantly a mother. Now with a 4 year old, her school gets me enough time for myself. I recently joined a gym. Needless to say it brought lots of positivity, freshness, and enjoyment. There are various eye captivating and motivating quotes written in the gym to boost ones enthusiasm to exercise. One of them read "SORE TODAY STRONG TOMORROW". It got struck in my mind and i had food for thoughts. Although it meant 'on exercising more you may have pains today but you are bound to have a strong body tomorrow'. But after becominh a parent, i link and relate almost everything to motherhood or my child.

This quote washed the guilt of all the moments when i scolded my little one. Although, i do it when its utmost required. But it is very important to lay correct and strong foundation to expect a fruitful future. Cultivating good habits, behaviour and showing the correct path at such a tender age may sound harsh and may expect you to be strict and rigid on your littles ones but they are sure to have a positive impacts in future. Just think this anger or guilt is for time being but the positivity it will bring will be for lifetime. It reminds me of few scolding or even punishments i got in my childhood where i must have cried for having strict parents but now i realise how important lessons and habbits i picked up. So,dear mommies; if you have to make certain choices for your kids, just think on these few things: 1. Will this impact me or kids life in a positive manner 2. Am i setting the right example 

3. Is it required for my kids strong foundation

4. Am i doing it right way or there is a     better way possible

Do add on to the list with your experiences. Looking forward.

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