Ten characteristics of new parents
|   Dec 07, 2015
Ten characteristics of new parents
Our baby boy is 3 months old... and so are we.
30+ years of our existence on this planet seem like a distant past.
9 months of pregnancy, one turbulent night of labor and delivery later... there are three newborns in our humble home.

Meet the new us.

1. We are constantly overwhelmed. 
This world is a complex place. Add a baby and first-time parents to the mix and you get three hassled souls- cranky,crankier and crankiest!

2. We do everything at the speed of light.
We don't remember what leisure feels like. Everything needs to be fit into time slots synced with the little one's nap times.
Meals involve shoving food down till the plate is empty and/or the baby starts crying.
Trips to the bathroom are reserved for nature's last and final call only.
Time is no longer money- time is gold, platinum, diamond.

3. We are no longer a couple.
We learnt to do things together as a couple only to unlearn it when we became parents.
Now we do everything in turns. 
Life is no longer a walk in the park, it's a relay race.

4. We speak a whole new language.
No, not Japanese, German or Latin.
It's called baby talk.
Gaga gugu aaaaguuuuu

5. We have a new order of doing things.
It's called "disorder".
We have come a long way - from doing things in a structured manner to 'just do it or forget it'.

6. We feel helpless. A lot.
We no longer have any sense of control on minor or major aspects of our lives.
We are at the mercy of an infant whose only means of communication are cries and squeals.
Go figure!

7. We are always worried.
About the baby, about our spouse, about the baby, about our future, about the baby ...again and again and again. You get the gist.

8. We are no longer glamorous.
Now, we are cute. Actually, the baby is cute.
About us, the less said the better.

9. We are no longer spontaneous.
A simple outing to the nearest park is no longer simple.
We have to pack diaper bag, stroller, mosquito net, umbrella, toys etc. and an extra pair of hands.
Yes, the baby is a VIP with entourage.

10. We now know joy and sorrow like never before.
Our hearts now live outside our bodies.. In a tiny person who can make or break our day.
We'd love to describe how it feels but words fall short.

So here we are, learning to live and cope all over again- one baby step at a time!

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